My Workstation (As of 12-22-2012)

My Workstation (As of 12-22-2012)

Surviving December 21, 2012, it is high time I took a photo of my much asked about desktop workstation.

Been a long time coming, but here it is, my main desktop workstation and my trusty old laptop. I completed, for the most part, my system build last August 2012; I could have finished it sooner but there were technical problems that I nor my good PC buddies could figure out (I eventually figured it out myself LOL).

I have yet added a videocard since my wallet has gotten thin since the pseudo-completion of the build. But hey! It’s the holidays… cha-ching, cha-ching. LOL

A normal shot with the lights on.

Just hover over the photo for the exact names of the peripherals, etc.

For the overall specs:

CPU: i7 3770

Motherboard: Asrock Z77 Extreme 4

RAM: 2x4GB G.Skill Sniper 1600mhz

PSU: Corsair Gaming Series 700watt non-modular

HHD/SSD: Seagate 500GB SATA Mechanical Drive

Chassis: Bitfenix Shinobi Window Edition

Cooling: Deep Cool Ice Blade Pro on Push/Pull, 2x120mm Bitfenix Spectre front intakes, and 3x120mm Deep Cool exhausts with LED (Blue)

Monitor: 23" LG IPS234V and 17" HP f1703

Keyboard: A4Tech KD-800L (Cheapo keybaord but has LEDs LOL)

Mouse: E-blue Cobra (Got this for free… I don’t even recognize the brand LOL)

So yes, I was an avid PC gamer back in the day, and I was a PC freak of geeky nature waaaay before I began photography. So I am more confident of my PC skills than my photography skills LOL

Well, just visit my blog site to read my evolution of being a PC freak of geeky nature.

Shooting Information:

Nikon D5000
Sigma 30mm f/1.4
1/2 second @ f/8
ISO 1000
Flash Not Fired

Post Processing Information:

Adobe Lightroom 4
Not Cropped


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