My Desktop Has a Problem…

My Desktop Has a Problem...

It’s Full!
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I bet none of you have that problem!

I also have four old Windows PCs (two mine and two my dad’s) that I have to clear out and archive and back up so I can work on the extremely valuable stuff from them, via my iMac (I am NEVER going back).

So I decided two weeks ago that I couldn’t take any more pictures (at least not bunches of them) until I dealt with The Problem. Which is why you haven’t seen much recent photography from me.

So, this week, since I’m still recovering from serious oral surgery, I spent five solid days (including some almost-all-nighters) researching how to create a system that is big enough for now but can expand, that’s "affordable," that’s relatively reliable, that can archive my stuff and keep it in a backed-up Lightroom Catalogue, and keep the whole system backed up in a reasonably redundant manner.

I am extremely indebted to a Flickrite, Godfrey DiGirgio, in a Lightroom Group Discussion thread, for having described how to do this in a way that made sense to me. These things are not that easy to figure out. And, thus, we don’t get them done….

Then I fairly extensively researched External Hard Drives, something I knew little about. It was a slog. But stumbling across the LaCie story was worth the price of admission!

At two this morning, I bought two External Hard Drives. I will tell you what they are, because I decided this was the most reliable, "affordable," and immediately do-able path.

First, I bought a 2 TB "LaCie 2big Quadra External Hard Drive" to back up the whole thing. It’s two 1-TB hard drives in a combo. Which means it can either work very fast, or mirror a back-up, so if one back-up drive crashes, your stuff is still the other. I kept looking at other brands (never to be swayed by style) but kept coming back to the LaCie system, for various reasons. So when I forked over 300 bucks for it, I knew it was a sound decision. (And, besides, the LaCie story is worth the price of admission…) I’m planning to start with Time Machine, but I may not stay with it…..

Then I bought a 1.5 TB "OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro ‘Quad Interface EHD" to store my precious image library and back-up of the catalogue. I really struggled with this decision.

I knew I would need, in about a year, more than 1 TB, but I’m not convinced that disks bigger than 1 TB are as yet reliable. And prices will keep coming down, probably.

So I had decided to get a LaCie 1 TB, because you can later add another just like it, and make them work together just like the above combo. The whole system is all designed to be gradually expandable. What a concept!

But, I was still looking around (my brain turning to mush), just to make sure, and discovered the OWC. OWC stands for Other World Computing. How’s that for a name!!! A lot of people had said they were really reliable hard drives, but I hadn’t found one in person. But I stumbled across a link to their site, and they just happened to have a 1.5 TB EHD that had a Barracuda drive in it. I had read many times that Barracuda’s are super-reliable and really fast. Which was exactly what I needed. So I decided to take the risk and go for the 1.5 TB Other Worldly. So both will be arriving mid-week. And I will continue implementing The Plan~

Brought to you (Ha!) by Other Wordly, the Barracuda, and LaCie ("the company")–a hard-drive design company that is, itself, a marriage between a garage-born Portland Oregon outfit and a garage-born Paris firm.

This image was really a practice-piece on how to integrate a computer monitor image with it’s surroundings. My desktop is, indeed crowded. And I’m about to take the plunge~ The towley thing on the left is the kitty perch. There are already three hard drives in that picture. I actually never place my coffee cup there, but I wanted Taos Pueblo as a geographical reference. There’s never a book there, either. That spot is usually occupied by my kitty, Millie, who is still wondering where Katie went. And, yes, I need to dust.

If you have any questions, or whatever, feel free to ask or comment….

canon 50mm f/1.8 f/3.2@1/320iso800

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