My Desk 2

My Desk 2

My other workstation, which is actually just my laptop hooked up to a docking station running two brand new screens (new as of Friday.) Before, I was using the laptop’s monitor and a 19" CRT.

I keep the laptop’s screen open a crack while it’s docked because I’m scared that the screen won’t like being against the warm body of the laptop while it’s working.

Gory details:

– Dell Latitude D420 (12.1" widescreen)
– Intel Core Duo U2500 @ 1.2ghz
– 1.5GB DDR2-667 memory
– 60Gb 1.8" PATA HDD
– Windows XP Pro SP3

Again, everything that’s in the picture is identified in notes.

Posted by mr_billiam on 2009-03-15 02:26:48

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