Must-Have Home Accents For Urban Dwellers

Must-Have Home Accents For Urban Dwellers

With rising costs of basic design pieces, more and more people have begun to buy selectively and wisely. Given that the need to decorate our homes is not affected by market forces and is, in fact, a legitimate human requirement, homeowners have begun to pare down their design elements into just the basic pieces and have resorted to buying only the essential items which could help them get maximum impact. In line with these, homeowners have begun to search for accent pieces that could give them value for money. These home accents are pieces that instantly liven up the space and complete the look of your home. These design pieces are usually a bit pricey but could actually go a really long way in terms of impact and durability. In this article, we present three categories from which you can choose to buy your first piece.

Designer furniture- The word “designer” automatically connotes classic pieces. For those who have a more expandable budget, the best accent you can purchase for your living room or dining room is a piece (or a set) of designer furniture. When used appropriately, these design pieces will add sophistication and elegance to any room. The more popular ones include the Eames lounge chairs produced by the late husband and wife designer team of Charles and Ray Eames. These have weathered all trends and have long enjoyed popularity since they were first produced. Other popular pieces among the urbane set include the polycarbonate seats designed by French product designer Philip Starck, and of course, the more traditional Louis XIV antique pieces.

Metal wall art- On the other hand, those with more modern tastes have opted to purchase accent pieces that give their living space a more urban appeal. Owing to the material with which these pieces have been created, they immediately infuse any room with a modern, hip, and urban vibe. Specifically, large metal wall art pieces are the most popular ones because they take on sculptural forms that add depth and texture on an otherwise boring and drab wall. Depending on the design, they can also easily serve as conversation pieces when visitors and guests come at your home.

Abstract Paintings- As with the above, abstract paintings are popular among urban dwellers, especially the more upwardly mobile ones, because of the many advantages brought about by incorporating these design pieces into their home decors. Carefully chosen abstract paintings allow the homeowner to express themselves creatively. Especially in minimalist homes, a single painting hung dominantly on a wall in the living room is all it takes to decorate that room. Another advantage is that it is also a status symbol for the owner. In fact, spotting and buying original paintings has become somewhat of a sport for avid collectors.

Ultimately, whatever home accent or design piece you bring into the home must reflect your personal preferences. Remember to choose what you really like rather than buying stuff to please others and end up not using anyway.

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