Moving on From a Break Up – Fast Rules That Work

Moving on From a Break Up – Fast Rules That Work


Whether you want to or not – this has to be your first step. If you have been dumped or exited a relationship that wasn’t working yourself, you need to accept the fact that it is over. This is by no means final, but any successful strategy to make him want you back later is dependent upon your ability to move on from a break up.


There is nothing worse than finding that card that he gave you for your birthday or the pictures from your holiday. You don’t necessarily have to throw these things away – just store them away so that they are not in plain sight causing you to be emotional and ruining your efforts in moving on from a break up. There is nothing to be gained at this point from dwelling in the past.


See it as a blessing in disguise, look at all the positive possibilities that it has created – more time for friends, new hobbies, refocus on you work and personal goals. Don’t let the break up pain make you negative. There is a positive to every situation, look for it, use it to your advantage and transform your life


Use the pain of the break up to take a good look at what you want for yourself and set some goals. Don’t be defeated – the end of the relationship could be the best thing that happened to you. Look at your goals for your career, interests and travel. Make a list of what you would like to accomplish, what you need to get there and get started. This is the perfect time to focus on your success and self improvement. The added bonus is that you will boost your confidence and be making massive steps towards moving on from a break up. This will happen naturally because your energy and attention are on you – not the relationship.


This can be on all levels – mental, physical and emotional. Invest in beauty treatments, a new outfit or some therapy. Think about all the courses that you have always wanted to do, or new hobbies that you have been putting off starting. Reinvent yourself, learn something new and add character. This will help you in moving on from a break up by giving you a distraction from the relationship as well as building self esteem and confidence.


The key to moving on from a break up is to open yourself up mentally and emotionally to the possibility of a new love. Sure, you are still hooked on your ex and can’t imagine life without him, but at this point that kind of mindset is a recipe for pain and rejection. Do yourself a favor and get back in the social dating scene. You never know who you will meet and even if you don’t find Mr. Right, chances are that your ex will feel the energetic shift in your emotions and will have his interest reignited.

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