Motherboard mods

Motherboard mods

This is my new motherboard. This motherboard replaces one that died from a PSU that decided to go black and chrispy. Fortunately, I was able to salvage everyhing else so it wasn’t a too expensive exercise.

What is all the blue stuff you ask?

It’s masking – let me explain…

I live on the beach. We are in a very humid area with lots of salt in the air. While the PC is running, there aren’t too many problems. The slight dust buildup around the fine electronic gizmos catches a little salt from the air and when we go away for a few days and shut the computers down, th salt attracts the moisture from the air and we come back to a computer that doesn’t wake up.

We have two computers, and we geneally go through one a year, with 2 years being the average lifespan per computer. They all die in the same way, and a few months after they are retired, the motherboards (and memory and especially the gfx cards – the stuff near the CPU fan) are very noticably corroded. This was the first mobo that died before it was due.

6 months ago, I got a plan…

I rip out the mobo and other cards, remove the heatsinks and tape off all the areas such as jumpers and connectors.

I then get a can of CRC "electra shield" which is a sort of wax paint for protecting electrical componants while in storage. This forms a protective waxy coating that can be removed with contact cleaner later if desired. (I guess that having 12v powering the board is not much different to being in storage)

I apply a thin coat and let it sit for half hour, which allows a thicker coat to be applied later.

After an hour or two of sitting in the sun, I reassemble the bits and power up. There is a sorty of chemical waxy smell for a few days afterwards, but it soon goes.

The theory behind this is that while dust will stick to it easier, any salt and moisture will not come into contact with any metal, and the motherboard (and memory and gfx card) will live to a ripe old age.

I did the two computers about 6 months ago, one was new and one was a year old, and the older one was the one that died by other means so now we have two motherboards that may be the last that are unplanned upgrades.

*crosses fingers*

Posted by dark orange on 2007-09-18 03:55:59