Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Proposal for sculpture/ installation ‘Morning Glory’ in IDS Center Minneapolis.

Acrylic painted umbrellas turned over and computer rendering.

All my work is copy right.

For sculptures and installations, I mainly use alternative materials, such as dust pans, umbrellas, rope, boots, etc. I like transforming ordinary everyday objects into something extraordinary, for instance, transforming rain boots into fishes or a monster. I chose to work with objects in which I see potential, energy and sentiment. By transforming the objects into art pieces I prefer to do a minimum alteration, not making many additions, but using what already exist in the object itself. It looks like the object itself is going through the metamorphosis. One of the example is using umbrellas in various ways. I turn them over and arrange them in the likeness of giant ‘Morning Glory’ flowers, or attach one of them to the canvas mimicking symbiosis.

Posted by kojic art on 2013-02-13 16:24:22

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