Morning Drive To Work

Morning Drive To Work

I have a beautiful drive into work each monday morning. Unfortunately it is a four hour drive to work, and I don’t return until friday, but a beautiful one at that. I used to shoot a lot at sunset or shortly thereafter. I still do, but driving through the country at 5 in the morning has made me realize that sunrise is much more breathtaking. I often see things that I’m sure I never will see again; however I rarely ever pull over to take a picture since I am in a rush.

This was shat at beleve it or not, ISO 100, and was properly exposed. The raw processor I have when I am away from home is not very good; however lightroom would never run on this old laptop. So all my raw photos have crazy grain. Oh well, I’ll process this one again when I am home; however I almost spend no time at the computer when I am.

Sorry I have not had many posts lately. Life has taken me down a hecktic road. I am working 2 jobs at the moment and trying to manage a business. Each day I work from 7:00 am until 12:30 am. My camera collects dust and I long for a day when I can pick it up.

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