Moods of LIght #1 of 3 – Sausalito, Ca

Moods of LIght #1 of 3 - Sausalito, Ca

Pic #1 of 3 – 6:22:08am – This One 🙂
Pic #2 of 3 – 6:33:53am – Here
Pic #3 of 3 – 6:44:33am – Here

Visit Here to see where we shot after this set.

So last night as I was falling asleep on my old friend Dimpi‘s couch in the Marina District, I had very little confidence that this morning’s shoot would be anything but a bust. Mainly do to the fact that at Midnight when I checked the forecast was solid rain all Saturday starting at 5am this morning and it was pouring buckets when I finally went to bed. But, having made plans with fellow photographer and flickerite maxxsmart (, I decided to get some rest and meet him at Starbucks in the morning.

Well, when I woke up and checked the whether at 5am it showed partly cloudy skis until 8am, then solid rain from then on out. And they were right on. So, after meeting Steve and Grabbing a coffee. We were off.

So, usually the way it works, at least for me; is you go out to a location; you take a bunch of shots; of basically the same subject, from different angles and then you pick the best shot when you get home and open your files on the computer.

Well, when I got out to this spot with fellow photographer and flickerite maxxsmart ( this morning, I notice that both the light and clouds where changing very rapidly. So, I got an idea. If after making my initial calculations for my long exposure and taking my first shot, my calculations turned out to be correct; I’d try to show how the light changes very quickly in the morning. Depending on when you start and end your exposure, your results can be stunningly different.

In this set of 3 shots, taken approximately 11 minutes apart you can clearly see what I am talking about. For example reason only, I did no post processing (except using iPhoto’s crude retouch tool to make a piece of lint or something disappear from the sky of all 3 shoots). BTW I Hate dust, it plagues me. If anyone has a method of keeping it off my sensor PLEASE let me know.

So, here is my mini set of 3 shots, all in a row, on a morning that I almost certainly thought that I and Steve ( would be standing in the rain getting nothing more then a cold.

Enjoy 🙂

For the Techies 🙂

Canon 5D Mark II
Exposure: 240
Aperture: f/16.0
Focal Length: 70 mm
ISO Speed: 100 (to get enough light for a proper exposure) (It was still very dark out at this time)
Lens: Canon EF16-35mm f2.8L II
Tripod Gitzo G 026
Head Gitzo G1178M
No Filters (Just UV to protect the front of the lens) Just adding this note because I had a few questions about which filters I used. The changes in color are due to the moving clouds acting as "filter" and "reflectors", upon the emerging sun.

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