Modern Garden Sheds In Urban Environments

Modern Garden Sheds In Urban Environments
The days of the old man pottering about in his shed to escape the mother in law or the wife are long gone. Sheds are popping up all over urban enclaves, sleek, modern, designer sheds. With the growth of flexitime and talented professionals often living some distance from their place of work, Outdoor offices and garden buildings and shed may seem like a viable option. Garden offices can come with central heating double glazing and luxury decor and interiors which can significantly add value to residential properties.

With the internet now making homeworking possible, more and more urban offices are being built. It’s preferable to have a place specifically designated as the office to help you achieve that work life balance. A garden shed is also a good investment that will allow you to add space to the home by removing clutter from the house.

Modern Garden sheds are proper solid structures which can make planning permission a little harder to achieve because they cannot be described as temporary structures, such as the traditional garden shed. In the large majority of cases planning permission is not required, as long as it is built away from the property and is not restricting views of public highways, you should be good to go. Outdoor offices and shed that require planning applications have sky rocketed over the last ten years with many family and couples choosing to stay in their own home due to the rocky mortgage and housing market.

With increasing stresses on green field and brown field sites, property developers are looking to capitalise on gardens to increase the value of a property. In some cases garden sheds or offices can add as much as 5% to a properties value. With the recession still looming large in people’s minds property developers are increasingly moving into urban back yards and gardens, seeking to capitalise on this investment.

In the past sheds were thought of as ideal hiding places for the man of the house to tinker about, create inventions, and just as a general refuge from the stresses and strains of modern life. When your in your shed you can put your feet up, lock the door and have a quiet gin and tonic while reading the papers. Today however, garden sheds and offices are places to escape the kids while you close that deal, day trade on the stock market, or conduct your internet enterprises.

Bill Weston writes on a number of subjects including gardening.

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