Measurement Of Color View The Standard Plasma Enhanced Consumer Transparent Line Of Sight – Plasma,

Measurement Of Color View The Standard Plasma Enhanced Consumer Transparent Line Of Sight – Plasma,
With the Olympics Will end, the whole
Flat Panel TV Market has entered a “post-Olympics” economy. During the Olympics, large-screen full-HD flat panel

TV Start by most consumers. This one, thanks to leading manufacturers of plasma Panasonic Olympic TOP sponsor of the special status, plasma possession of the absolute superiority. Under

Suning Electrical data: Olympics, big screen
Plasma TV Demand has improved significantly, and this one, Panasonic accounted for more than 30% of shipments.

Fact, the market as early as last part of the wealthy manufacturer of vision has been bullish on the future development of plasma TVs, and actively tackle the problem. The plasma TV market performance this year has been very eye-catching, before the Olympic Games, revealing a considerable force people to strength. According to statistics, 2008, 1-10 months, plasma TV market in China retail sales volume of 1.346 million units, up 178%. Which, following the second half of 2007 32-inch plasma in the Chinese market volume is listed, the 2008 market continues to enlarge, become a plasma TV market, a new force, sales share of 49%, in the plasma TV has a traditional advantage of 50 inches and above product volume rose 190%. Correspondingly,

LCD TV 1-10 months of retail sales in 2008 grew 50%. Amount from the market point of view, plasma TV and LCD TV is not, but the growth rate point of view, the situation of the plasma TV market really gratifying.

Plasma, LCD sales comparison Reason why plasma TVs can turn the tide, is also closely related to their own advantage. Compared to LCD TV, plasma in color performance, dynamic definition and other aspects obvious advantages, particularly color perspective, the performance is more prominent. The past, has been criticized by outside plasma TV resolution has long been difficult to raise the issue of dust has become history. With high-definition terrestrial digital broadcasting signals the opening, the whole concept of rapid and profound definition accepted by the people after the Olympics, also appeared in the plasma market, a new growth point?? Full HD products, universal access to age. China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, said the Deputy Secretary-General Lu Renbo, Full HD is the future direction of development, now we can see from 32 inches to 50 inches or larger TVs feature full HD products, this is certainly mainstream in the future development of direction. These technical advantages have ensured the plasma TV market, strong vitality.

Size of the domestic dynamics of plasma
In fact, the market such as Panasonic maker of plasma from 42 inches to 105 inches of product level with a full high-definition, especially as the leader of the Panasonic plasma, the technology has a very strong accumulation. PZ800C its flagship series this year, plasma TV, for example, compared to the previous generation aircraft were fully upgraded: screen with the latest G11 Panasonic Full HD Plasma

Panel This is at present the most advanced one of the plasma panel. FullHD resolution of not only the physical size of 1920 1080, also adhering to the self-luminous plasma TV advantage, almost no viewing angle, and built-in top VrealPRO3 processing chip, support xvColour standard color gamut, a sharp bright screen performance. Scan on the screen while using the 480Hz sub-field drive technology, and joined the TUFdisplay technology to enhance the degree of color and black-screen life has also reached 100,000 hours. In addition, in line with Blu-ray technology, PZ800C also equipped with 24P movie playback mode, can display 24 frames / second film original picture, the dynamic resolution of 1000 lines, the effect is encroaching upon theater. And compared to the same type of LCD TV, PZ800C series screen performance, in particular the strengths perspective is self-evident. But with such a top-end performance of competing products market, Matsushita will outshine others in the field of plasma is not surprising.

Because different imaging principle, LCD and PDP perspective in color performance is different, watching TV, as viewing angle (direction) of the different images of the color change with angle, thus causing a decline in overall image quality . When the color change can be perceived as color when the view angle. In general, when the color changes in the 0.015 or less (ie color u, v, 0.015), it will not be human perception. And higher than 0.015, the color change will lead to image color distortion, chromatic aberration higher the number, the more the image quality dropped. Therefore, a critical value of 0.015, 0.015 or less in the color change in the visual angle increases, the better the performance of color perspective. Can be seen from the figure, PDP, when viewed in the 170, the color change is still not reached the critical value of 0.015, it generally will not break through boundaries of color perspective. The LCD viewing around 100 degrees when the color change has already reached about 0.015. Some say that popular, that is when the viewer and the LCD TV into a 100 degree angle screen time, is almost completely blind to the. The plasma in the offset angle 170, can still be the same with the TV picture horizontal perception. So compared to LCD, plasma has better color performance perspective can be very obvious advantage perspective.

But on the other hand, plasma TVs and prosperity of the state contrary to the much overlooked, is the concept of color, and no clear view put forward, and plasma display differences in testing methods also make corresponding technical parameters of the color is not angle unity, almost every vendor testing methods are different, no less than the competition between each other, and consumers is Ruzhui clouds. This has been the consumer of purchase plasma TV is not a unified technical parameters affect the fairness of market competition, deceived consumers line of sight, to some extent delay the development of the industry.

Order to change the status of this unregulated market, and promote the healthy development of the plasma industry, the China Video Industry Association has said that the national digital audio, video and multimedia product quality supervision and test center Zhangsu Bing, Sun Qifeng, Liu and other industry experts issued draft angle color measurement method of plasma standards.

Because this standard from non-vendor third party, and in a test environment and calculation methods, and relatively uniform, and therefore the results objectively and impartially, and with horizontal, as the market standard for the promotion. The angle measurement standard color promotion, will also drive the plasma market, flat market norms and the whole building. Even
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