Measure Of Green Building Into The Urban Context Should Be Considered

Measure Of Green Building Into The Urban Context Should Be Considered

Single building zero energy, zero carbon emissions, it is a green building? Participate in the “City? Residents? Lighting” Urban construction planning Forum Building scientists have given a negative answer unified

“City? Residents? Light” City Building Planning Forum held recently in Shanghai Bund. Focus on sustainable urban green building, architects, urban planners, landscape designers, lighting designers, sociologists and artists express their opinions.

A single building to achieve zero-energy, zero carbon emissions, it is a green building? Other buildings are unified at the meeting give a negative answer. The United States, Wisconsin, Aldo – Lai Po multi-center, for example, it is the U.S. in 2008 Top Ten Green Building Design Award (AIA) works of art, or even get LEED Platinum Award, which has zero-energy Technology Most of the use of solar energy, is also the world’s first zero-carbon technologies certified building, the building’s annual net carbon emissions of up to -1.57 tons.

“The problem is that the building is located in urban areas far from the town forest, you need to drive half an hour to get from the city, if the calculation used to arrive at the building Traffic Carbon emissions, the building is not a qualified low-carbon buildings. “From the Sustainable Natural Resources Defense Council Expert Dr. Mo Zhengchun, said.

Building scientists this gives a “walk index” (from the city center to walk to the possibility of a building) the consideration, to explain the development of urban intensification in reducing carbon emissions, the city has far-reaching significance.

“Portland, Oregon has been the benchmark in urban planning work, which from 1990 to 2007, the population growth rate of 18%, but nearly 20 years, carbon emissions, but basically the same, thanks Bus The convenience of fast-track, mixed-function land use, intensive urban development. “Mo embodied the optimism, said.

Fact, how to reduce urban carbon emissions, so the city to achieve “sustainable smart growth”, has become an important topic in urban planning circles. The climate in Copenhagen Meeting , China Development Reform Commission released “Report of 2050 carbon emissions,” is expected by 2050, China’s transportation, construction and industrial carbon emissions each one-third the level of developed countries.

Now, however, the expansion of Chinese cities Carbon emissions growth continues, the economic costs of congestion in Chinese cities is increasing year by year. “Beijing, for example, in 2009, from Beijing to work every day for the time average of 40.1 minutes to 62.3 minutes is the time congestion. That is, each month in Beijing because of the economic costs resulting from congestion to reach 335.6 element. “Mok said that embodied the optimism. Associate Professor of Creative Design Institute of Tongji University

Louyong Qi believes that green lifestyle is important, but from the folk wisdom is green urban planning need to focus on care of.

“Measure of green building into the urban context must be considered, green transportation and green building must be considered, the Chinese urban planning urgently quantify the carbon footprint of the city Standard And the establishment of urban carbon emissions reporting. “Lou Yongqi think.

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