Making progress

Making progress

EVERYTHING was covered in a horrible dark dust that makes the skin itchy. (Asbestos? Fiberglass?) I gave everything a good brushing outside, brought them in, and began work on the 1993 blue logo model.

I took the keycaps off and washed them in a medium mixing bowl with soap and hot water, then left them to soak for awhile. The chassis got a scrubbing with soapy water, and canned air to the insides. The cables were left in a large mixing bowl with soap and hot water, with everything submerged but the ends (I checked for cuts first). I rinsed the soap out of the keycaps, then laid them out on a towel to try. Once everything was dry, I re-assembled.

The biggest sticking point (pun intended) was the larger keys, which do not use 2-piece keycaps. They would get stuck at the bottom when pressed. I thought about lubricants, but eventually settled on pounding the hell out of them, which mostly worked. Currently the only large key that sticks most of the time is the numeric +. All of the regular keys work fine.

I plugged it into a computer and tested each key. Success! All of the cords work too.

This one is usable, but is still far from clean. I may need to go over each one again and completely disassemble the chassis to actually get them clean.

Oh, and it turns out I’m missing two caps, numeric 4, and `. Maybe this weekend I’ll go back to the yard and take a second look, then look online for replacements.

Posted by Ryan Finnie on 2010-08-24 06:53:02

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