“mac Lightful “series Before The Whitening Naked Makeup More Transparent.

“mac Lightful “series Before The Whitening Naked Makeup More Transparent.
MAC Lightful series to the whitening by the charge of ionized water as the base, penetration is excellent. Formulas the grape carbohydrate amine strengthens exclude cutin, help corneous layer absorption active ingredients to improve skin bright, uniform tenderness. Activation energy into the system, the skin from the inside to the outside is full of water, for whitening ingredients – continued type of vitamin C derivatives opened a layer through the skin in “direct lift” to allow more in-depth skin whitening ingredients to the bottom,Tiffany jewelry to enhance whitening effect to create long-lasting supple white muscle.

Persistent vitamin C derivatives with 2 times multiple new formulations plant Brightening formula (grape, mulberry, plum, gentian extract) and the activation energy into the system (ion water, silk protein, caffeine). Intensive long-lasting bright formula can penetrate the skin deep from top to bottom to prevent the transfer of melanin to enhance metabolism, from the inside to the outside skin rosy, white to play a more excellent effect.

Stretch moisturizing system: high unit hyaluronic acid (lock water), tuberose (water), moisture lock water to maintain skin moisture balance, replenishment time in the skin surface without interrupting the water strong magnetic field.

MAC Lightful Foaming Crme Cleanser, face cream mousse formulation, washed water and elastic skin. Gentle formula can be gentle but thorough cleaning and conditioning the skin. Brightening formula multiple plants (green tea, cucumber, mulberry root, apple and grape extract), can be a long time to improve skin transparency. Very small molecular ion into the water, silk protein, and sodium hyaluronic acid through the stratum corneum moisture was absorbed by the skin, skin-friendly good,best mac blush help the skin surface to maintain moisture, protect the line into a flexible water film. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested and will not cause acne formation.

MAC Cosmetics is a super bright white light moisturizing lotion, soothing lotion. Persistent vitamin C derivatives and yellow gentian root and green tea extract can make the skin whiter and brighter. Injection of tourmaline, silk protein and caffeine-ionized water penetration very superior to the deep to the skin and prevent dry skin pigmentation caused by shortage. Eight amino acid formulations can release moisture, exfoliation, skin looks brighter, skin color is more symmetrical.

MAC bright white light moisturizing repair essence 2 times continued ascension type vitamin C induces the body. With the activation energy into the system, efficient and moisture penetration force will effectively serve the skin whitening ingredients deep, effective skin bright uniform color. Silk protein is rich in moisturizing factor, better skin and slows down the aging skin white and transparent, filled with moist feeling. New formulation matrix, formed in the skin surface while moisturizing Huanen feeling the deep penetration of the skin deep and storage, the formation of the skin plump and supple and elastic.

MAC Cosmetics Outlet bright white light to prevent bask in segregation frost light texture and the breeze has soothing, moisturizing and isolation protects the efficacy of the emulsion. With persistent vitamin C derivatives, skin whitening fades. Contains Shea Butter and wheat germ extract compositions, and regulate skin efficient lock water. With multiple plants brightening formula (hydrolyzed rice bran extract and gentian extracts). Protection with SPF 30 and PA power, dual Defense UVA / UVB ultraviolet effective prevention caused by the sun spots, freckles protect the skin. The dermatologist tested, does not cause acne.

MAC Cosmetics Online for the bright white Hydra Cream drying due to UV-induced skin problems, as well as the age increases due to the loss of skin tone and clarity. Whitening active ingredients will be passed to the depths of the stratum corneum, and tightly locked in the skin effect, the inhibition of Mylar poured pigment production, prevent sun induced spots, freckles, and give full play moist, sustainability whitening effect, without causing viscosity tired of touch. Rich in vitamin C continuous type induces the body. Decomposed melanin spots, ruddy color.

MAC bright white light whitening powdery cake for Asian woman to the development, the innovation ingredients MAC Cosmetics bright pure white whitening SPF25 / PA++ + bask in powder, is in a powerful protective powdery bottom, a new formula whiten, sunscreen, moisturizing and hold makeup oil-control four efficacy. Pure white mica, with the coated pigment technology, grease or sweat in the encounter, you can own the melanin coated, white powder became brighter, so bright all day show look like a morning just as on the makeup. Gentian root extract and vitamin C derivatives, can be bright, white skin through clarity of decomposition of melanin spots, thus improving skin tone, so that a more symmetrical ruddy complexion and increase transparency.

MAC Cosmetics with a high degree of creativity and avant-garde concept, developing the MAC Cosmetics Outlet incomparable distinctive style. MAC colour bold innovation, subverts the traditional style, grasps of, is the most simple ordinary several spiritual concept, humanitarian, equality, business of justice and responsibility.

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