Lyrics & Type Exhibition

Lyrics & Type Exhibition

Welcome to LYRICS AND TYPE – an ongoing international type and illustration initiative founded by Timba Smits, the creator of the award winning arts culture publication Wooden Toy Quarterly.

Through an exploration into the connection between two of lifes most important communication mediums ‘Music’ and ‘Type’, the LYRICS AND TYPE verses aim to collaborate with some of the worlds leading type designers, graphic designers, illustrators and artists via exhibition and print and visually interpreting how type and music can influence and inspire the way we feel, think or create.

Each LYRICS AND TYPE verse brings together a different and varied group of 16 artists, carefully selected by Wooden Toy Quarterly to respond to a project brief featuring interpretations of both famous, past or present song lyrics using a combination of hand drawn or computer designed type, illustration and imagery that would wet the pallette of any music and art lover.

"music is independently important, It’s up there with food, water, and sleep." Morning Breath

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