Love Is A Prison Up My Ass

Love Is A Prison Up My Ass

Ask someone to tie you up from head to toe with a rope.

jute coiled rope is fine it hurts in a nice sweet way .. smells earthly.. now try to unwind yourself ..let the friend be gone..
Squim, writhe squeeze do all that is humanly possible .. save don’t try to implicate Houdini… DONT CRY ..THIS IS ONLY A DEMONSTRATION NO SALE SPIEL.

And no food, no water all human reasons to live nonexistent.

You only breathe,, you cant wipe your sweat or scratch your ass.. nothing.

No email, no phone calls, no shit no loo. No pee,No tea

Yes it is worse than abu gharib prison.. no walk with Lyndde England.. with a dog leash

You and your fucked thoughts.. your fucked thoughts and you.

Pray to god.. god is offline

Call Tony Pierce,, he has gone for body and soul piercing..PEE-hearsed

What next…

Scream out to Xris.. he cant hear you he is such a megalomaniac.. he only hears himself ..sees himself on the windscreen of his rabidly dusty computer.. rabidly dusty room of his untenanted underoos.. on second thoughts his tenant is always in someonelses underoos..panttttttiees

What next…call the shots, radio in.. just the agony of the overhead fans and the beelike whirring.. a monotonous drawl… .
And to summarize it in a nutshell…this is love…

And I am in love.. it is me in the head of the captive coiled up Indian rope trick man.

And xris my friend.. if my enemies were like him.. I would still call them friends.

What do Pablo neruda or Yehuda Amichai know of my kind of love..

Fuck prison walls do not a prison make….even abu gharaib and guantanamo bay is better than a fucked marriage of a prison..

And I love ,I was indoctrinated by the supreme power in the in the watery amniotic fluid every second when my dad was humping the mountain that was my mothers belly.. causing me an inflexion kind of pain..

Firoze thus shalt love..Fuck Firoze thou shalt love.. while dad was coming it would be ffffffffff love fuck love fuck..fiiiiiirooze thou shhhhhhhhalt loooove.

hou serpent seed shall become a sapling of love.

That you will love not get paid or laid.. but you shall love.

You will scourge your back you will love
She will treat you like termite you shall love..YOU BED BUG.

You will die a hundred deaths you shall love..

Your girl will run away with your best friends wife you shall love..

This is my unfucked story of love…any takers ..only fuckin fakers/…

And where is she whom I think I love..

Fuck knows..

I am getting fucked mail from women at bloggers..

Send me male send me male ..fuck send us males
Yes gods truth bloggers women want actual cocks actually all actual and non factual cocks are a hairy cocks , scary cocks ,fairy cocks, fiery cocks,wirycocks,..untirey cocks,are at buzznet,…now steve will have to tell the me how to import it on their watering site.. I am a fucked developing man I developed the wrong end of my brain it started imitating my genitalia…gets up for no rhyme or reason…. overtly sexual treason

So all blogger messages I censor and reject save two .. one the humper the other epiphany…they are not into you know what the other blogger women want.. I swear on it..they are my true friends.. may they remain so..un untruly

These two are satisfied women and ..god knows better.and their guys know better,.. I dont like people who use there cocks like a divine rod to search for water in an arid desert.

And here I am at my shop … I sent my first poem to poem hunter .com .. aptly titled Mother fuckin son of a bitch…it has been published ..son of a bitch.

And poetry is words for those who think love making is words .. not me words are incidental , incendiary my spelling mistakes are god sent.
I am always under a spell… I am furious with god making me love prone child and love adult fiucked dwarf..,. I love what I cant get and don’t want.. I want the lashes the frickin pain of falling in love//I want to tear my clothes rub salt on my wounds .. catch a bystander rushing to work on 33 rd street .. its in bandra mumbai.. see see your wife did this to me….
And the war of roses in the wrong house .. my words make me laugh.. you guys search what to shoot if I put all my rings and my bracelets on the hood of my cock I could go on shooting till armageddon..I might have problems with the rings..and the biggest fuckin problem is a wedding ring ..which is always on the wrong cock… to put it on the right cock you got to give it free to the lawyer and then pay him part of the alimony..

We Muslims are best we took the best deal , dont fuck get married go to heaven.. fuck I have problems searching only for the second one.. I know wherever she is she is American..

The shadow of the stars and stripes has unfurled itself on my could have been a desi best friend got his happiness there but that it did not last long is a matter of discussion in my next journal post…

And I hate all Indian babes.. my kinda Indian.. my wife is Iranian stock.

I love mature women.. .. if mature women in their God given or God borrowed immaturity dont love me is another matter in another journal post.

Well I d better get back to work..the heart is a lonely hunter.. love is a prison up my ass…constipated.. no relief.

Visiting Xris ‘s Buzz always gave me these mind fucked corny horny ideas..that I noted on my Buzznet journal for posterity to unread make sense out of my non sensibility..

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