Looking to escape to a faraway paradise, do not forget your Hepatitis A vaccine at a travel clinic in NYC

Looking to escape to a faraway paradise, do not forget your Hepatitis A vaccine at a travel clinic in NYC

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” goes a famous quote St. Augustine.

Travelling around the world is a revelation and an informative experience for every person. Every year it is common to have thousands of New Yorkers jet setting to various exotic or remote locations to discover something more about the world. However, travelling merely does not mean fun and frolic as a traveler never knows what lurks around in these unknown places? Therefore, it is imperative of traveler to take care of his/her health in order to avoid falling prey to various contagious diseases and epidemics. Travelers can easily find health advice from the numerous travel clinics around the New York City. A travel clinic NYC professional provides packages tailored to the need of the travelers.

One of the common inclusions of these packages is those of immunizations. Hepatitis A is one of the most common immunizations administered to various travelers. In the section below, a travel clinic professional talks about the various aspects of this immunization.

One of the commonest routes of being infected with hepatitis A is by drinking untreated water and food that is contaminated with human waste. Travelers can expect bad sewage and inadequate treatment that results in contaminated drinking water. A traveler should get his/her hepatitis documented by having an antibody test at the nearest travel clinic. In several cases, those who have had a bout of jaundice are presumed to have hepatitis A.

In the absence of a viable antibiotic, protection against hepatitis B is rendered with the help of the immunization. This is done with the help of a Hepatitis A vaccine that is made by killed virus Hepatitis A that provides immunity. A travel clinic NYC professional generally administers this vaccine to the patient in two doses. The second dose is generally administered after six to twelve months after the first dose as been administered. While travelling to several countries, it s important for travelers to get this vaccination.

Every traveler can depend on the services of the travel clinic and enjoy their sojourn to exotic and beautiful places around the globe.


A little prevention with the guidance of a travel clinic NYC physician can make a vacation enjoyable. Visit http://www.travelclinicnyc.com/ for further details.

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