Look what my Macbook Pro can do! – You can now find me at www.ipernity.com/blackpaw

Look what my Macbook Pro can do! - You can now find me at www.ipernity.com/blackpaw

You can now find me at www.ipernity.com/blackpaw

Well, when I handed it back over, it couldn’t even do this anymore…

You remember how excited I was only two months ago when Bank_of_Rod came home with my new "upgrade"? Well, my refurbished Macbook Pro is currently dead. A few days ago it crashed and all I got was a blue screen. After shutting down and rebooting, the results were the same. The next day, it miraculously started working again for the day. The following morning it crashed again and wouldn’t be re-started.

Apple, so far, have been the typical tyrant. All they will do is fix it under the warranty conditions under which it was purchased. No exchange or refunds. Not even the offer of an extension of warranty to reignite my faith in their products.

So I took it to the Mac Shop to find out WHY a refurbished laptop should crash and die within two months of purchase.

The tech guy opened it up to find it full of dust (he said more dust than the laptop he’d been working on that was over a year old) and evidence of liquid spills. The logic board needs to be replaced.

So, Apple are meant to be calling me between 9 – 9.15am this morning to discuss how we might proceed with this. What can I expect? Well, I’m not really holding out for much from Apple. I’m not even really sure what I want anymore. I mean, seriously, who wants to keep a lemon that died within two months? Who really wants to replace it with the risk of another lemon dying just outside warranty? Especially given I now know that they don’t bother to actually refurbish their refurbished laptops, and given that I now know this logic board fail is actually a known issue in these laptops, yet Apple continue to sell them and will not repair them outside of warranty. Do I really want to stick with Apple? Or would it be more financially sound to stick with the devil I knew? Because, for the price I paid for this lemon of a laptop, I could have bought a new Windows based one, or a kick ass windows based PC. And when those crash (as inevitably they will… just probably not in such record time as Apple!!) the costs for repairing a Windows based system just pales in comparison to the rip off that is Apple.

So I’m currently thinking I’ll fight for a full refund and take my hard earned money somewhere else. I’ve never been one to run with the crowd, and I’m not afraid to work on a system that’s not "industry standard". I admit, it was nice to work on the Macbook Pro. It’s a very beautiful machine. But beauty is only skin deep, which this Apple has so eloquently demonstrated .

Update – 26/9

So, after an hour and a half on the phone to Apple on Monday, I finally get someone who agrees that this should never have happened, and says he will fight for me to get an extended warranty (which, incidentally, along with iphones and a few other things, is something that it is against Apple policy to offer as compensation… which begs a few more questions, doesn’t it?) I get called back today, and my friend at Apple says "management" have offered a reimbursement of $150. I calmly explained that $150 doesn’t actually address the issue, but perhaps they could offer me a refund for the full cost of the extended warranty, and then I could buy it. He said he’d already asked, and they said "no". So I said I’d take the refund, thanks. If Apple aren’t prepared to stand by their own products, I’m not touching them with a barge pole.

Of course, it’s not going to be quite that easy, is it? No. I think my friend at Apple knows that because he was insistent that he get "management" to call me, and on each occasion when I asked him to sort out the paperwork for a refund, he completely changed the subject back to getting "management" to call me. So I see a future involving Consumer Affairs and a nasty fight before I see my refund.

I can’t think of any reason why I would want to keep this Macbook Pro now.

FURTHER Update 26/9 –

‘Management" called. They are not prepared to stand by their product and we are going our separate ways with a refund. As Bank_of_Rod said, that was an interesting exercise!

Shopping for a new laptop again…

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