Living in a Spanish Urbanization ? La Cinuelica

Living in a Spanish Urbanization ? La Cinuelica

Spanish urbanization is a growing trend with many towns and cities succumbing to its lure; La Cinuelica is no exception to this concept which is very much favored by many Europeans because North European television has been pushing the ‘live the dream’ shows on television where one is expected to have a second home in Europe that can be a holiday villa or dream home which does not cost an arm or a leg.

Spain – the favorite choice

Spain has enjoyed the overflow of the TV show outcome where it is now the preferred choice for a second home by many due to its attractive weather conditions, strategic location and affordable real estate prices. But it is not the TV displays of white washed homes in quaint little villages or seaside idyllic living that people are buying as a second home in Spain but more apartments or modern houses instead in an upper market environment called urbanization.

La Cinuelica is one of Spain’s favorite urbanizations located at southern Torrevieja. It is growing in its popularity where its residents have their own committee and president to oversee the running of the living standards of the community. The community committee comes into play when the builders are finished with their buildings and community facilities such as gardens, pools, sports facilities and amenities.

Community living

As in any community, there are certain rules and responsibilities for its residents. There are also certain restrictions imposed to safeguard the general well being of the community such as the shut off time for noise at night but certain ones may not augur well such as changing the color of your gates. It is a collective agreement where the whole community votes for a change to happen within the community such as rate charges and waste collection or pool and utility maintenance. Community living here is preferred over that in the UK as the rates are 20%cheaper here.

There is a limitation to the number of families or residents in any urbanization; for example, La Cinuelica gives a preference of 18 homes as ideal for good governance in this community.

Types of Residents

The Spanish coastal urbanizations have been made up predominately by North Europeans such as the British, Germans and Swedish with very few Spanish owning any block of homes.

With the growing demand from the British, this style of urbanization living is bound to keep increasing for the time being. This growing demand has pushed up the prices of homes in Spanish urbanizations such as in La Cinuelica.

Although the local Spanish council still has a say in slowing down the building works of La Cinuelica as a Spanish urbanization, so that the community will not get too large, this might very well push the property prices higher.

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