Lifted Research Group Clothing – Hot Urban Clothing Designs

Lifted Research Group Clothing – Hot Urban Clothing Designs

Lifted Research Group clothing (LRG clothing), is the brainchild of co-founders Jonas Bevacqua and Robert Wright. They originated the company in 1999 in Santa Ana, California with a slogan they call simply: “underground inventive, overground effective”. The Lifted Research Group clothing line represents an independent, creative, underground culture.

Besides their contribution to the success of the company, Jonas and Robert have made the company an inclusive group concept that is an outlet to express ideas, discover new and emerging talent and support others in pursuing their goals. They support causes meant to change the world both environmentally and socially to make it a better place.

What makes the LRG clothing line unique is its branding. For example, on the Lifted Research Group Clothing, you are likely to find one of these logos:

* The Cycle Logo represents the cycle of growth.

* The Number 47 logo is the age of Jonas’s mother, who is also their role model and supporter, when he and Robert created the LRG Company.

* The Giraffe logo is a symbol of elevation, to see beyond the rest.

* The tree logo is based on strong roots to support growth, where the roots symbolize the underground inventive part of their slogan and the tree the overground effective portion.

As part of the Lifted Research Group clothing company’s support of talent, they sponsor the LRG Skate team that features talented skateboarders from around the globe. The LRG line includes hats, hoodies, jackets, polos, shorts, sweaters, tank tops and of course, their popular LRG T-Shirts. LRG clothes also makes novelty items like the LRG Kayo Corp limited edition skate deck, and an LRG hoodie that features an embroidered logo on the chest and a metallic tree logo. Some of the LRG clothes have colorful graphics or text silk-screened on them. The LRG Container Collection is bags that come in different colors.

Jonas and Robert have often said that they are making a living doing something that they have a passion for. Rather than some corporate conglomerate based on hip-hop or rap celebrities, these two have formed LRG into a successful clothing company that also sets out to try to make the world a better place.

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