LG’s Transparent Keypad Phone – The LG GD900 Crystal

LG’s Transparent Keypad Phone – The LG GD900 Crystal

In order to attract the users and keep pace with the technological evolution, the mobile handset manufacturers are trying to bring something new each time. In this attempt to offer something different LG has brought its first transparent keypad which looks very smart and stylish in its GD900 model called the LG Crystal. Beside the smart keypad there are other features as well in this phone to be flaunted.

Looks Do Matter

The LG GD900 Crystal has been rightly said that looks do matter and to prove this LG has introduced this new phone that has transparent slider keypad. Till now colours were used to give vibrant looks to the phones but this time LG has used the transparency to make the phone look stylish and stunning. The LG Crystal is a slider phone with translucent keypad that has the see through feature. Apart from the keypad all other parts of the phone are normal.

Physical Dimensions

LG GD900 is a small sized slider phone with physical dimensions of 105 X 52.5 X 13.4 mm in size. The small size of this phone makes its carrying very easy and comfortable. No matter where you are heading to LG Crystal can be easily carried away in your pockets and purses.

Display and User Interface

The phone has wide display with QVGA touch screen of 3 inches. The resolution of the screen is 480 X 800 pixels that make the images look bright and clear. LG GD900 also has S-Class touch UI that facilitates the user to have fast and comfortable functioning of the applications.

Stay Connected

The phone has good connectivity and network features that help to operate the phone at fast speed. It operates on quad band GSM network of 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. The phone also supports dual band UMTS of 900/2100MHz or 850/1900 MHz which helps to provide connections at high speed. Other technologies supported by phone include W-Fi, Bluetooth and HSDPA which facilitates the sharing of data through wireless modes.

Say Cheese

There are good multimedia features in this phone and 8MP camera is an integral part of it. The camera of the phone comes along with LED flash that helps images to appear bright and clear. The quality of images clicked by the camera of LG GD900 Crystal is excellent and can easily compete with the images of any other camera. Beside the 8MP of primary camera this phone also has secondary camera that facilitates the user for video conferencing.

Additional Features

Other features of the phone that makes the functioning of this camera easy and fast are handwriting recognition, accelerometer sensor that helps in auto rotate of the screen, option for TV out and advance Dolby Mobile audio technology. There is also Bluetooth headset LG HBM580 in the phone that comes in matching transparent, silver and blue attire. Apart from these there are many other features as well in this phone.

Thus, it can be said that besides having stunning transparent keypad LG GD900 also has good features that can compete with any other model in its segment. LG Crystal can be called a complete package as it is a phone with style and substance.

The LG Crystal joins the manufacturer hugely successful 2009 range including the LG Cookie, for further details on these and many other models please see our website – Phones Limited.