Lego L1 cache

Lego L1 cache

A useful amount of pieces, sorted by shape and color, and a bit ad-hoc. This is my L1 cache.

The organization is still evolving, and is getting random mutations from the kids playing with "Daddy’s Legos". "Columns of color" and "rows of part type" is the ideal, but is clearly not completely possible.

The bins are Akro Mils drawer cabinets. The red ones are their 48-drawer cabinets, the black one is their 24-drawer cabinet, and I wish I had some of their 64-drawer cabinets. Each of the bins can have a divider.

(And for those who aren’t computer geeks: L1 cache is part of a CPU cache.)

Posted by retracile on 2012-01-22 22:44:30

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