Leadership Motivation – Embarrassment | Leadership Training

Leadership Motivation – Embarrassment | Leadership Training
Surviving Embarrassment & How to use it to your Advantage

Hello, my name is Dean Aitken, and I would firstly like to welcome you to one of my Leadership Motivation Articles. I am the founder of Leadership Motivation and I work with people and companies to are focused at achieving excellence in their personal or professional life by employing my own personally developed Leadership/Motivational techniques and tools. A quick introduction, I was a fitness training instructor in the 3rd Royal Australian Regiment parachute battalion and it was there that I prepared troops for combat. Today its very different, I work in the corporate world in the public sector and in the community I essentially prepare people for life. So I share ideas around leadership, motivation, teamwork and communication.

Embarrassment: How to use leadership & motivation to your own Advantage!

So the embarrassing situation was some good friends of mine had come to a party, a 40th birthday party it was and they walked in the door and the first few people they met they noticed were hardly even dressed up. So much to their embarrassment they quickly turned around walked out the door, hoped in the car, drove home, which was only a couple of km away and got changed.

Now that’s only ONE choice they could have made, alternatively they could have come into the room recognized that perhaps they were equipped for a great fancy dress party, when in actual fact most of the people there hadn’t really gone to much effort to dress up, forsaken their embarrassment and had an exciting night and perhaps even have been the center of the attention at the party.

So its here that we have the opportunity, in this moment, to experience the JOY or experience the fear in any given situation. In regards to embarrassment, your advantage is to turn the negative thoughts around in your head, to positive ones and use the situation to your advantage. Employing a mindset where you can enjoy that moment. The way to do that is to ask yourself “what’s funny about this situation that I haven’t noticed, or what can I take away from this experience?”.

It’s by employing a quality question that will change that possibly negative outcome into a positive one, something quite complete and fulfilling. Your Advantage.

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