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NASSCOM to open four more 'Startup Warehouses' to enable entrepreneurs use co
A co-working space is useful for early stage entrepreneurs who are otherwise compelled to conduct important client meetings in a crowded coffee shops or small office cubes. Springboard, 9JCM (both in Gurgaon), Bangalore Alpha Labs and Bombay Connect …
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London Business Centre Group Trials Virtual Assistant
According to James, Workspace Plc business centres and coworking venues are moving towards an open plan model, with airy ground floor lobbies, communal breakout spaces and on-site public cafes. They are designed to be bright and welcoming, and …
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How co-working offices are changing the way we do business
But if the legendary entrepreneur repeated the same feat today, it's unlikely the online retail juggernaut would be spawned behind a roller door – it would probably be breathed into life in one of the thousands of co-working spaces appearing worldwide.