Keeping the Speedboat of Your Desire on Course and Giving it More Juice

Keeping the Speedboat of Your Desire on Course and Giving it More Juice

A few days ago someone who read a report of mine sent his answers to the followup questions I asked on what he read. One of his answers raises an important point about the famous quote Andrew Carnegie gave Napoleon Hill that appears in Think and Grow Rich.

Mr. Carnegie, regarded as the first billionaire, said that the Creator, with infinite wisdom, gave people absolute control over just one thing: The thoughts they give their attention to. And, fortunately, that one thing is enough for us to have whatever we truly desire.

The first follow-up question I asked was, “What was your your first reaction when you read what Andrew Carnegie said about the only thing you have absolute control over?”

Just for your perspective in case you’re unfamiliar with the history, Mr. Carnegie’s fortune in today’s dollars would be about eight times more than the current richest person alive. The gentleman who was the first to share his answers to my questions said he heard that quote before, although no one previously told him how to do that.

My response to him gives you some important prosperity coaching and will help you better use this power that you need to begin manifesting more of the things you truly desire, as well as to Think and Grow Rich! How you choose which thoughts you focus on is two-fold:

1. Having a powerful “Burning Desire” that you put your heart and soul into, which becomes your driving force.

That causes everything to align with fulfilling that intention and you naturally focus on it and use that power Andrew Carnegie said is the one thing we need, to have everything we desire. It guides you in the right direction, keeps you from being distracted and builds momentum quickly to fulfill this Burning Desire.

The more power you give it, more often – through giving it your attention – the more motivated you remain and the quicker it happens for you. I then asked my friend who responded to the questions I asked in the report to do the same thing I’ll ask you to do: Think carefully about your Burning Desire and give it so much intensity and importance that you can really *feel* it, like rubbing two sticks together until it catches fire and burns on its own.

2. Do your best to be here and now, staying consciously in the moment.

People lose their power when they think about the past or what might happen in the future. Keep your attention focused on *right now*. If you feel your attention wavering, gently steer it back to your Burning Desire, or to what “gives you joy, inspires you and moves you closer to your goals, desires and dreams”. This gets easier as you do it more, until you’ve done it often enough that it has become a habit and you’re naturally creating everything you desire without even thinking about it.

Your strong Burning Desire helps here, too, by keeping you moving in the right direction toward its fulfillment. You can look at it as a speed boat moving fast toward your destination that’s firmly within your focus. That’s how powerful your Burning Desire is. We talked earlier about how important it is that you really *feel* your Burning Desire. The more you feel it, the more real it becomes, which also allows you to focus more strongly on it.

That makes it more of a driving force, like pushing hard on the throttle and quickly accelerating the speed boat toward fulfilling this important goal. Your job then is just to keep it squarely in focus and make any needed course corrections as it gets closer and closer. What’s your response to this only thing we have absolute control over, which is enough for you to have everything you desire?

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