June 15 2009 – Dusty Computer 1

June 15 2009 - Dusty Computer 1

My PC gets SUPER noisy in the summer, so I finally opened it up and cleaned it out for the first time ever (we got it in 2004). It was covered with dust on the inside. The modem, CPU block, and bottom of the case all had thick blankets of dust on them. I took off the front cover and it was even worse; there were thick bunches of dust covering the whole front of the case, it looked like cotton candy.

I cleaned the whole thing out with a dust buster, and it runs a lot quiter now, doesn’t sound like it might take off into the air and hit the ceiling. Performance hasn’t changed though, I still need to buy an external hard drive so I can back up my stuff and reinstall Windows.

Posted by Aeshir on 2009-06-16 16:42:54

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