Is Your Exixtence In Life and Business Optimistic or Pessimistic?

Is Your Exixtence In Life and Business Optimistic or Pessimistic?

What is the difference between an Optimist and a Pessimist? Everyone has heard the saying, “Is your glass half full or half empty?” The optimist always sees it half full and the pessimist sees it half empty. A real optimist will see it as full, half full of liquid and half full of air!

Both optimists and pessimists contribute their share to the world. The optimist will invent the airplane and the pessimist will invent the parachute.


A pessimist is always encountering problems, and instead of trying to solve them, they just throw their hands up and say, ‘That is it, I give up, I can not deal with this anymore!’  They are always seeing the clouds instead of the sunny sky.

They are always living in the, ‘what if’, state of life.  What if the sky falls, what if I loose the game, what if I do this and something bad happens, what if, what if, what if!  With this attitude it makes it real hard to be around them.  They can make others feel depressed and hopeless in life.

A pessimist is so focused on failure, that they really feel there is no way out of their problem.. There is nothing at all they can do, so why try.  They think that what is, is what is, so why try to fix it.

They are always trying to bring everyone down to their level and way of thinking.  That way they can feel good about themselves. They hate the fact that anyone might be better than they are, so they have no confidence or self esteem. Dr. Phil says they do this because there is a payoff somewhere. What is that payoff?  They do not have to take responsibility for their own actions.


When an optimist is faced with a challenge, they will find the upside of the situation and then figure out a way to solve it.  They focus on what they want and how to get it not what might happen to them along the way.

An optimist is focused on achieving their goals, because they refuse to give up. The word ‘quit’ does not exist in their vocabulary.  They are naturally happy all the time, it is always sunny for them, they are full of energy and because of that, they have less obstacles getting to where they want to be in life.

It is real easy to be around an optimist, they even can make you feel happier and more positive about life.  They are always looking forward, finding that solution with a positive attitude.

An optimist fully believes that they can make a difference in the world. When they might encounter a loss in their life, they do not just sit there and dwell upon it, they find the good in it and bounce back. They focus on the future.

It is all about attitude! Do you choose to see the bad in every thing and everyone? The bad side of life? Or do you choose to see the good in everyone, be happy and see the sunshine everyday?

Which are you in your existence? An optimist or a pessimist? A better question would be, which do you CHOOSE to be in your life?

Norman Vincent Peale quoted: “Change your thoughts and change your world!

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