Is There Really ‘Best’ Financial Advice?

Is There Really ‘Best’ Financial Advice?

In actuality, there really is no such animal as ‘the best’ financial advice.  The only ‘best’ financial advice is if it fits your profile.
Your situation is different from everyone else’s. Your goals, income, debt, etc. Is yours alone. So, like buying a suit or dress, it needs to fit you.

Anyone offering financial advice should have the credentials to do so & must take into consideration all aspects of your portfolio including life insurance, wills, IRA’s, etc.  And tax consequences.

Individuals usually begin to search when they are into a situation or age bracket.  So, before seeking professional advice, come up with a plan.  Like a blueprint contractors use to build a house. Have your blueprint of what you want your future to look like.

You want to keep in mind, although you are going to seek professional  financial advice, you should have some sort of idea of your needs and goals.

Most successful people have followed other successful people as to what they’ve done to be successful. Same here. Seek out inidividuals whom you feel are successful in your type of work or  business and ask them questions. Many times a simple piece of advice can go a long way. When panning for gold, little gold nuggets add up for prospectors for them to be wealthy. These little nuggets can help you achieve your golden goals.

We’ve heard the expression, save for a rainy day. Every financial specialist should tell you to pay yourself first. Just as you would pay monthly bill, you need to put your name on that list.  Savings is one way to pay yourself. Savings in a IRA, 401K (free money).

Now that you have some sort of blueprint and idea of how to go about your goals, it’s time to search out a professional financial advisor.

This advisor should have the qualifications and credentials to help you. Ask what they are. What’s hanging on their walls? You want to be able to interview a few specialists. Not only do they have to have your goals in mind, you have to get along with them as personalities are concerned.  Many advisors work in the bank you might have accounts with, thus only selling what the bank has to offer.  Don’t kid yourself, just because they are in a bank does not mean they don’t get a salary and commissions. Any professional you seek you must ask if they are able to provide you with different products from different companies. Ask who those companies are. Check them out yourself after meeting before you make a decesion. Your money, your future.

Is There Really ‘Best’ Financial Advice?

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Ric Dalberri is a graduate of Columbia State University & has been involved in his own business (sold) employing over 100 people. As well as being a top producer as a Financial Specialist for over a decade with one of the largest financial institutions in the U.S., Ric has many years experience in sales and  management. Ric was also a mentor in the financial arena as well as a volunteer teacher for Junior Achievement.