iPhone iPad Bring Radical Change for Publishing Industry

iPhone iPad Bring Radical Change for Publishing Industry

There are many ipad reading software, there are some famous software, such as Flipboard, Zite, Reeder and so on, these software have used plate characteristic, has realized user reading experience promotion by splendid design.


But, the above application is only preliminary screening for all information. How to compile each place gain’s useful information preservation, with the aim of momentarily glancing through? The answer is one earns the widespread support the cross platform application. Marco Arment Instapaper is precisely this kind of service. In the iOS reading application, Instapaper arranges throughout before the position. It has not only received user’s widespread welcome, earns the numerous third party software’s support, for instance Flipboard/Zite supports the article transmits Instapaper, you may also increase Read in the PC browser the Later label, momentarily captures is interested the homepage. Instapaper existence, enables us to use the scattered time collection information, realizes cross platform reading.


Last month, Instapaper 4.0 issued, have further promoted reading experience. Instapaper founder Marco Arment is not only a splendid application exploiter, and he is also an opinion blog author. when accepts RWW website interviews, he talked about iPhone, specially for ipad, which brings for radical change for Publishing Industry.


iPhone, specially for ipad, which brings for radical change for Publishing Industry. Regarding user, now what may be very easy is the application and the content pays money directly, spends the few money, carries on the massive purchases. Regardless of being the past or the present, this in the network was not actual. Moreover, receives the populace along with iOS to welcome gradually, tens of thousands of people the more machine times will use on the more suitable reading equipment, but is not table model machine and the notebook.


These two transformation has brought new life Publishing Industry, it make effect from big newspaper magazine to individual blog author, it increased content demand, made fees collection easier, but did not need to spike advertisement everywhere.


Instapaper and its each clone, have put up bridge between network and iOS world. At present competion is very little, only because this is a new question which large-scale market not yet realizes. Not only read later, moreover is read everywhere compared with PC browser, the most users like reading experience on iPad. iPad is truly offer us more convenience , especially after video , dvd movies conversion (such as convert dvd to ipad , video to ipad, avi to dvd , movies to ipad ,etc) with some useful software, we can enjoy movies easily. And we can play games on ipad easily.

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