Intel Sandy Bridge Single Core Reshoot [PNG]

Intel Sandy Bridge Single Core Reshoot [PNG]

Re-shoot of a sandy bridge core. I have not taken a picture of this specific chip before, but I have taken pictures of sandy bridge cores in the past. This one has less scratches and I have removed the dust in post processing. I’m not sure why, but the stitching software just does not like sandy bridge chips and I can never stitch a full one without significant warping. I’m working on seeing if I can correct for it in Photoshop.

I’m not exactly sure which CPU this is but it is probably a Pentium G630 or something like that, it has 2 cores.

Camera: SONY A6000
Number of Images: 27? Cropped.
Panorama Y Axis: 3 Images
Panorama X Axis: 9 Images
ISO: 100
Shutter Speed: 2"
Light Source: Led Attached to Objective
Overlap: 50%
Microscope Objective: 5X
Microscope Eyepiece: DSLR Mount
Grid Used: 4×4 (Panning Movement Aid)
Capture Motion: ZigZag
Stitching Software: Autopano Giga
Other Software: Photoshop for sharpening, color correction and dust removal, gimp for scaling.
Image Type: PNG

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