Intel Pentium 120MHz SY062 (No Dust Removal)

Intel Pentium 120MHz SY062 (No Dust Removal)

This is an Intel Pentium 120MHz with an sspec of SY062. It was pulled from an old desktop that was given to me by a friend.

The cooler was not properly attached to the processor (2 clamps broken) and it did not have any thermal paste or pads.

It uses most likely uses the P54CQS processor core and is based on the P5 micro architecture.

It operates at 3.3 Volts (Modern chips use ~1.4 Volts), has a maximum power consumption of 13.4 Watts and can operate from 0°C – 70°C.

I was hoping I could keep it in working order after opening up the lid but I unfortunately slipped as the lid came off and slit 3 of the wires.

I took some advice from Pauli Rautakorpi from another post to downscale the individual images since they are higher resolution than the smallest details my microscope can resolve. I used XnConvert to downscale each of the 88 photos by 50% from their original size. This allowed me to use Autopano Giga, another software tool which performs better than Microsoft ICE at stitching these images (when it works). Autopano Giga does not like the 24MP photos and rarely works with them, but it was able to handle the down-scaled photos just fine!

Camera: SONY A6000
Number of Images: 88
Panorama Y Axis: 11 Images
Panorama X Axis: 8 Images
Individual Image Size: 3000×2000 (Down-scaled)
ISO: 100
Shutter Speed: 0.8"
Light Source: Side LED Flood Light
Overlap: 50%
Microscope Objective: 4X
Microscope Eyepiece: DSLR Mount
Grid Used: 4×4 (Panning Movement Aid)
Capture Motion: Zigzag (Top->Down)
Stitching Software: Autopano Giga
Other Software: XnConvert for down-scaling.
Image Type: PNG

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