Intel i5 2500 – ring light (98% quality JPG)

Intel i5 2500 - ring light (98% quality JPG)

This is the same i5 2500 I took pictures of previously, but I have improved my techniques since then. This is the first time I am using a "ring light" that attaches itself to the microscope objective. This light does not have PWM and so it does not cause any dark banding on the edges.

I also put much more effort into cleaning any dirt off of it this time, which is a lot harder than you might think. I cannot touch the die because at this magnification the microscopic drops of oil and flakes from my skin would be present, and any cleaning cloth I use must not leave any debris behind (bottom left corner for instance). So cleaning this involved me wearing gloves and using a touchscreen cleaning solution called WHOOSH which also happens to do a very good job at removing fingerprints and repelling dust! The solution was removed and rubbed in with a paper towel gently. I then used a toothpick to remove any visible pieces of debris (The particle in the bottom left showed up mid shot, I cannot move the die when at this stage so I had to let it go.)

This is a composite of 168 images taken by a pixel 2XL from a microscope at 40X. The images had 65% overlap and were stitched together in Microsoft Image Composite Editor using the structured panorama mode.

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