Panel Mount Industrial Panel PC
Amongo’s panel mounted industrial panel computers utilize industrial grade motherboards providing our clients flexible expansion capabilities in a most cost-effective, highly reliable solution for all their projects. Integrated with various touchscreen technologies and a rugged metal or aluminum housing, these panel computers are ideal for application with harsh environments and can function smoothly and continuously for many years in the demanding industrial environments with heat, cold, moisture, dust, vibrations, shock, acids, and detergents.

VESA/Wall Mount Industrial Panel PCs
Amongo’s wall mount (also called vesa mount or chassis mount) industrial panel computers are designed suitable for applications with extreme environments. They come with rugged casings with metal or aluminum or steel front bezels for IP rating for waterproof, dust proof etc. Incorporated with the latest industrial grade motherboards providing flexible expansion capabilities in a cost effective, highly reliable solution, as well as flexible touchscreens options like PCAP touch, Resistive touch, IR touch etc., these panel computers can be used in any site that needs operator panels for information exchange or control applications.

Zero Bezel PCAP Touch Industrial Panel PCs
With the increasing demand of PCAP touchscreen panel computers in different industrial applications, Amongo have launched a series of bezel-free PCAP touchscreen panel pcs, which are designed rugged and reliable to meet strict environmental regulations. Ranging in various sizes and Incorporated with industrial grade components and latest PCAP touch technology, these zero bezel panel computers are very suitable to be placed in process control and data acquisition or other information exchange applications. With the true flat touchscreen design, it is IP65 frontal protection and a very easy to clean and maintain during operation, which will save cost largely for the end-users.

Android Based All-In-One PCs
Android industrial panel pc is playing a critical role in the Industrial Internet of Things. As it is much easier for end-users to keep up when using Android instead of Windows because of the customization it allows. As more and more devices are being integrated into IoT networks, together with our customers, Amongo has developed some items for their special applications, like intelligent parcel lockers, access control with facial recognition, EV battery exchanging stations etc. These Android Panel PCs take full advantage of benefits offered by Android OS, allowing engineers to place them almost anywhere.

Embedded Systems/ Box PCs
Embedded computer systems go by many names (Box PC, Controller, Industrial PC etc.), but an Embedded PC is essentially any specialized computer system that is implemented as part of a larger device or intelligent system. Amongo’s ultra slim embedded computers are playing an important role in the evolving IoT, enabling the connections between machines, people, things and the cloud.

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