In Memory of the Apple Genius: Steve Jobs

In Memory of the Apple Genius: Steve Jobs

Thanks to Steve Jobs for bringing innovation in the computer industry that changed the world. In how we work, how we think, and how we create everything we do from the written word to photo manipulation to basic communication. Of course, others are responsible for the software with which we do these things and deserve their own credit, but for the creatives especially Steve Jobs brought us a system that works the way we think.

I was very late to the Mac world, only joining the club in 2006, but once I did it changed my life and how I do my work. I swear my Macbook is my best friend, probably even before my sweet Kobi in some ways.

About the image: I started with a simple photo of the illuminated logo on my Macbook. I manipulated Jonathan Mak’s* image with Steve Jobs’ profile in the Apple that is going viral. Then I added Pixel Dust textures Impressionist Music and Drops of Jupiter. Quite appropriate I think.

I think we should all write to Apple and request that Jonathan’s original image be the new Apple logo.

* Press coverage:…

Secondary to any of this, if you wish to see the before and after images, please visit my blog:…

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