iMac 24″ 2007 series, 2TB hard disk upgrade

iMac 24

Finally got round to replacing the 500GB disc in my three year old iMac. A slightly daunting procedure made far easier by following the guidance in Brian Dorey’s excellent video guide at:

Took slightly longer than the 30 minutes Brian suggests and my iMac is slightly different internally from the one he’s working on.

Required tools: Torx 6 and 9 drivers available from Maplin and a four suction available from Screwfix for about £10.

Note the laptop so that I can follow his instructions on Vimeo as I work thru the transplant. I also needed to clone the content of the 500GB drive onto the 2TB drive. This cloning procedure took seven and a half hours! I used Carbon Copy Cloner. I then transferred the drive from the WD caddy into the iMac. Handling the 24" flat panel with no screen protection and a hell of a lot of dust was a bit nerve wracking. Anyway I managed it but had to be really careful to lay the 20 or so screws out in the right order so that I could re-assemble properly. Just follow Brian’s instructions, make sure there are no small children running around, make sure you’ve got the right kit, take care and you’ll be fine!

Computer works fine, seems a bit faster and it’s great to have 1.5TB free!

Posted by Jordanhill School D&T Dept on 2010-09-30 17:04:10

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