Ilyushin IL-18 Flight Simulator

Ilyushin IL-18 Flight Simulator

@ Interflug Flight Training Center
Berlin-Schoenefeld airport, East Germany

This is the "visual database" or airport scenery. Since there was no such thing as 3D computer animation back then, the outside view was created using a CCTV* camera "flying" across a terrain mock-up.

*) closed-circuit television.

Here, the sky is a vertically mounted painting. The airport and the surrounding terrain is painted on a kind of conveyer belt. This way, the camera does not have to move along the runway, which would create a wrong visual impression by getting closer and closer to the sky painting. Apart from that, the camera could move sideways, up and down and it could tilt (pitch and roll).

On other simulators, like Interflug’s TU-134 simulator, they used very large airport models that were mounted vertically to save floor space (and reduce the collection of dust).

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