I remain, Lillian

I remain, Lillian

Hey guys!

I’m looking at my camera sitting dejectedly next to my computer and see that the case is coated with a layer of dust – actual dust. I haven’t picked it up in ages. The good news is that I’m much more caught up in my schoolwork and have another semester behind me, which is a great feeling. The bad news is that my camera is coated with a layer of dust. This won’t do. Despite the fact that I’m barreling ahead into another semester that is sure to be fraught with more reading and writing, I intend to remember my camera with more consistency. I think it misses me. It looks desolate.

The other bad news is that I obviously dropped my 365 project (again…), but hey – one must persist. I’ll get back on that horse eventually, I’m sure. He’s used to me falling off and generally just stays close and grazes until I’m once again struck by the urge to ride.

I hope all is well with everyone. I miss you much. Also hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and happy new year! I intend to try my damndest to make it a great one.

For Christmas, my bud Geneva gave me a stack of antique postcards, and my other bud Mike had sent me a stack to cheer me up in the beginning of the month – what a delight!! I have a bunch to scan and share now, which thrills me. I love the perfect gift.

Geneva gave me this one, which is wonderfully appropriate. Tomorrow, January 4th, it was mailed 100 years ago to the day. Crazy, no? And really, wouldn’t it be wonderful to bring the word ‘glorious’ back into every day conversation…?

Much love,

To Mr. Dudley Tanner, from Lillian
R’te #4, Clarksville, Tennessee
January 4, 1910

I will (excuse blot) send you a card to remind you of the New Year. Had a glorious time Xmas. I don’t believe I ever had as much fun! I remain, Lillian


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