How to Master Prospecting – A Sure Way to Radically Increase Sales

How to Master Prospecting – A Sure Way to Radically Increase Sales

A great number of people who are trying to build an online business think that they can do so without having a great deal of personal contact with their prospects.

They are relying on email auto responders and videos to do the correspondence for them. These are indeed excellent tool, and are a must in order to grow exponentially. However, in order to get to the point where you are earning a minimum of $ 10,000 per month, you simply have to personally contact your prospects and engage them.

You must build a relationship with your leads. The more times you can reach out and touch your prospects on the phone, the more likely you are to get them to buy from you. If the prospect is not returning your call after a few voice mail messages, then start to build the relationship on voice mail. Take action towards a progressive escalation of contact.

Remind them that there must have been a reason that they were on the internet looking for a way to earn extra income. Ask them to call and let you know what that reason is. Once you have your prospect on the line, get them to share their pain. Why are they hurting, and where.

At this stage it is far easier to introduce them to your business.

Prospects generally fall in to one of two categories. There will be people who are definitely looking for more money. Then there will be others who may have a steady job, good income but no flex time. Whilst talking to your prospects, never lose sight of the fact that the person asking the questions in the call, is the one who is in control. Remember, every call is a creative adventure.

It is essential that you know your business and products intimately. This will enable you to anticipate your prospects concerns or doubts. Always preempt these and be able to offset them by offering a concise overview of the benefits of the system. Concise being the key element in this equation.

If you are utilizing the right marketing system, this job will be made far easier, if not totally eliminated for you by a call center. Once you have successfully established a relationship with your prospect, and have gained his/her trust, you are well on your way to a lasting business arrangement where they will buy from you repeatedly over time.

This process is simply repeated with each prospect as you continue to grow your customer base. As soon as you find that you are able to maintain a steady income of $ 10,000 per month, then and only then you can seek to outsource this aspect of your business to enable you to climb to the next level.

Melanie Phillibert
Internet Consultant and Trainer and Entrepreneur
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