How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want and Miss You – Expert Tips To Keep Him From Moving On!

How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want and Miss You – Expert Tips To Keep Him From Moving On!

After a breakup, you will desperately want you ex boyfriend back. But, you will never get him back unless you make him want you again. In order to make him want you again, you have to get back inside his head. Once you have him thinking of you he will begin to miss you. That will make your ex boyfriend want and miss you. But you will need to do more.

You must make him see he needs you in his life and keep him from moving on. To do this, you need to get him thinking about you as much as possible. But you will have to do all of this while having no contact with him at all. This might sound impossible, but, there are ways to get back into your ex boyfriends mind without him even knowing you are doing it.

Once you are occupying his mind, it will make getting your ex back a lot easier. The trick is to make him think it is his idea to get back with you. Of course by not being in touch with him, you will not know for sure if your plan is working, so you will need to be patient. Even if you happen to run into him accidentally, he will not let you know what he is really feeling.

But, you will be able to get some clues from his body language. If you catch him staring at you or trying to be closer to you, it will be a good indication your plan is working. Your ex will try to suppress his feelings for you because when he broke up with you, he intended to move on. He won’t be able to do that unless he can bury his feelings for you. That is why he will be trying hard to not think of what he is giving up by losing you.

But that will create a longing for you that he had not expected to have when he broke up with you. He will be finding that it is not so easy to forget you as he thought it would be. Your ex boyfriend will start to realize that he is still in love with you. This will cause him to want to keep his feelings for you buried and that can be a problem for you. It might cause you to become over anxious.

Many women when they sense that their ex is becoming interested in them again, will move too fast. If you become to anxious and start trying to make him show his feelings for you he will pull away again. You will have to let him bring his buried feelings to the surface himself. The best way to do that is to make him think you are on the verge of moving on. If he thinks he is losing you, all of the good memories of you will surface and your ex boyfriend will find himself missing and wanting you again.

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