How to make sure your brochure and booklet artwork is ready for printing?

How to make sure your brochure and booklet artwork is ready for printing?

A brochure or a booklet is one of the most important printed marketing materials for a company because it is often the first impression a customer and/or prospect has of your organisation, and it explains how things work in your company and also how they could benefit from your services. Designing and printing the perfect brochure is a complex task and can easily become a nightmare if you don`t know the most important printing requirements your digital printer requires to provide you with a high quality printed booklet. If you are not sure your brochure artwork is ready for printing, here are some tips that can help you preparing your artwork and creating a booklet to be proud of.

Brochure printing tip 1. Have an attractive front cover

A study showed that 80% of people will not open the brochure if the front cover does not catch their eyes. That shows how an attractive booklet front cover is important to be sure the recipient will read your brochure. Use colours and a short attractive message to catch the recipient`s eyes and make him open the booklet.

Booklet printing tip 2. Convert your artwork into pdf

The best format to send your document to the printer is pdf. Indeed, you may have a different version of the software than your brochure printer (Adobe CS3 vs Adobe CS5) or you may use a different computer to your booklet printer (PC vs Mac), and opening your document on another software version or another computer can move or change your entire document. To avoid these issues, save your document as a pdf file, so it will not change when it will be opened by the brochure printer.

Brochure printing tip 3. Check the resolution

You artwork must have the highest resolution possible to be sure the result once the booklet is printed will be as perfect as possible. Be careful to save your file in a high resolution (at least 300dpi) and to send this version to your digital printers. Be sure that your pictures are high resolution or it may be blurred on the brochure once printed.

Booklet printing tip 4. Keep the text and design out of the edges

When you design your brochure artwork, you have to be careful of the edges. Indeed, most digital printers have special requirements concerning your design’s edges. Most of the time, printing companies advise you to keep you design 0.25” from all edges and 0,125” from edges once trimmed. These are the industry norms but they can vary in function of the print press used by your digital printer. Don`t forget to ask your printing company what its requirement are concerning the edges.

As a conclusion, we strongly recommend you to ask your digital printers what the brochure artwork requirements for their company are, and apply these requirements to be sure to have a perfect printed booklet at the end!

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