How To Improve Gaming Performance On Windows 10

How To Improve Gaming Performance On Windows 10

Laptop Gaming Performance: Improved!

The performance of a gaming laptop and desktop computer at the same price will never be the same. The desktop computer will always work faster than the gaming laptop which will also make your gaming experience better. That doesn’t mean you can’t play any new games on your laptop. If you prepare the laptop separately for playing games, then of course you can play any kind of game on the laptop as well. The biggest advantage of a desktop computer is that any part can be changed at any time. However, the limitation of the laptop is that it cannot update other devices except the memory and occasionally the hard drive. However, in spite of all these limitations, if you take care of some things, you can increase the efficiency of the gaming laptop and you can protect the laptop from slowing down. We will discuss 5 such issues here.

Keep the laptop clean and dust free

This is the simplest but most effective way. You can increase the efficiency of the laptop only by keeping the laptop clean and tidy on a regular basis. This is because dust and sand play an active role in reducing the performance of laptops. Due to the accumulation of dust and sand, the air flow in the laptop decreases a lot and the laptop heats up very fast. And when the laptop gets hot, the processor, The working speed of other devices including GPU is greatly reduced. Which is not at all pleasant to play games. So it is wise to keep the laptop free of dust and sand to prevent it from overheating. However, laptops are not as easy to clean as desktop computers. This is very difficult because all the parts of the laptop are stuck together. So you have to do this very carefully. The best thing for laptops is to use a bottle of compressed air. In addition, if you use a separate keyboard with the laptop, it also needs to be kept clean regularly. Also, be careful not to eat or drink inside the keyboard.

Keep driver updated

Whether your laptop’s operating system is Windows, Mac or Linux. All use the same hardware and architecture. So it is important to keep the computer driver updated regardless of the operating system. Fortunately, updating drivers is a very easy task, only standard operating system updates can cause some problems. But when it comes to updating the graphics driver, you have to do it a little better. However, the Intel graphics card updates itself with the Windows update. Which is not the case with other third party graphics cards. However, Intel graphics cards are not convenient for playing very high quality games. So instead, make sure that GPU management software such as Nvidia GeForce or AMD Gaming Evolved updates automatically. Keep controllers and audio drivers up to date.

Keep the graphics card’s cloaking right

Each component is designed to move at a certain speed, moving above this specific speed is called overclocking. While this is usually the case with GPUs and CPUs, it can be the case with other devices. Fixing overclocking can be a bit of a problem for newcomers as it can have an impact on other devices as well. However, the tools available to control the overclocking of the GPUs of both AMD and Nvidia companies. Overclocking consumes much more power than the laptop needs, so the power setting of the laptop has to be adjusted. Overclocking also increases the temperature of the GPU. Although the problem of temperature rise can be fixed by the cooling system inside the laptop itself, it is important to keep the laptop clean.

Adjust the power settings of the laptop

There are some devices that can run well without any separate power management settings. However, parts like laptops that need to take power from a specific source need a separate power management system. Windows has some power management options, but for a good gaming experience, the laptop needs to be connected to a power outlet. Click on the options below for power management in Windows 10. Select Settings > System > Power and sleep > Additional power settings then High performance. You can also click Change plan settings > Change advanced power settings to see if any settings have been fixed before.

Turn off background software

Before you start playing the game, make sure that the software running in the background is turned off. After shutting down, look in the system tray to make sure there is no software running. The system tray is a part of the Windows taskbar that contains a list of all running software. You have to close the ones you want to close by clicking on the icon. However, the software related to graphics card management must be kept running.

In the case of desktop computers, the functionality can be easily increased by changing any part, but in the case of laptops, this feature is very limited. The processor and graphics card cannot be changed on most laptops. But hopefully following the 5 ways mentioned above will help you increase the performance of the laptop.

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