How To Get Rid Of Free Radicals In Your Body

How To Get Rid Of Free Radicals In Your Body
With the development of industrial mass production, and the pollution of environment and water becomes more and more serious, the pollutants in human’s body also is increasing. Then how to get rid of those pollutants in our body? And which kind of foods has this function? This article will give you some advice.

Animal blood. Eating animal blood, such as, chickens’, ducks’, geese’, and pigs’, especially pig’s. That is because after the decomposition of gastric acid and enzyme in digestive juice, plasma protein in blood can produce a kind of substance which can detoxicate and smooth the tharm and also can have an chemical reaction with the invasion of intestinal dust and some harmful metal particles and make it a waste that not easily be absorbed by human body.

The fungus such as, mushrooms, flower mushroom, and black fungus have the function to clean blood, detoxicate, enhance immunity and inhibit the cancer cells. So eating fungus frequently can effectively get rid of the free radicals in our body.

Soup that made by legume also contributes to getting rid of pollutants in our body. And among them, soup made of mung bean is the best. It is good at detoxification and can promote the excretion of toxin.

Seafood. Eating seafood such as, kelp and dried purple seaweed is very beneficial to our body. In particular, kelp has an affinity for radioactive material, and kelp can promote the excretion of radiomaterial in our body. And thus reduce the accumulation of radioactive materials in our body and reduce the incidence of radiation sickness.

Drinking fresh fruit juice and vegetable juice for a long time can also help us a lot. These juices can get rid of the toxin and waste accumulated in our body. Because when fresh fruit juice and vegetable juice enter our body, it will make our blood alkaline and make the accumulated toxins in bacteria dissolved and excreted by the excretory system.

Cherry is currently being accepted as a fruit which can remove toxins and the contaminated fluid of body. And the dark purple grape also has the function in elimination of toxicant; what’s more, it can clear the garbage in liver, intestine, stomach and kidney. In addition, apple is also a good choice, because apple contains a kind of material called Tsuen galactose acid which has a function in detoxification. And its pectin can avoid corruption of food in body. Strawberry is also a kind of fruit for detoxification.

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