How To Eliminate Free Radicals

How To Eliminate Free Radicals
A lot of people look for a magic pill when it comes to detox, it really has a lot to do with your surroundings as well as what you eat.

This is what I hope to do with this article is give you a piece of the puzzle by sharing with you a few ways to detox your surroundings. Ill share with you some major culprits on how the body consumes free radicals, how we you can reduce them, live longer, feel younger and fight like Chuck Norris.

Ok, maybe the stuff about you being able to fight like Mr. Norris wasn’t true, the stuff about feeling better and living longer is true.

In the modern age we have so many benefits and really nifty gadgets that I myself feel very fortunate to be living now. Of course like many things with the benefits come the drawbacks.

Our bodies are being exposed to more harmful pollution and environmental hazards than anytime in the past. Because of this it harms our health by creating free radicals.

Weed killers, pesticides contain toxins that are harmful to our bodies. Instead use organic, pull weeds, and use chemical free pesticides.

The majority of us, myself included spend most of our time indoors.The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates that 90% of us do this.

Unfortunately 90% of all poison exposer starts at home, and the air inside is between 2-5 more polluted than the air outside. So cleaning the air that we breath will go a long way to contributing to a body cleanse detox.

-If you can add a air purifying system and add live plants inside your home it can help.

-Mold and fungus is not good, so eliminate dampness which is harmful to health. A few tips for this is to help the air circulate through the house, repair any water damage if it happens, plus its not a bad idea to bake the house sparingly (turn the heat above 100 for a few days while your away).

-Many people don’t know that brand new furniture can have chemicals and paint that as you can guess can be harmful.

-Routinely check for carbon monoxide and radon in your home which isn’t healthy.

-Household cleaners, and various products can emit toxic fumes. Because there is a insane amount I am not going to go over every single one, if you click on one of the link below you can learn much more about this, and I can go over it in a lot more detail.

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My goal is to help as many people improve their health, without spending a lot of money.

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