How Much do Supposed Different Religious Beliefs Really Affect Typical Lifestyles?

How Much do Supposed Different Religious Beliefs Really Affect Typical Lifestyles?

A religion is a set of organized beliefs about creation, a possible God (or more), and a possible afterlife. Why do certain people have religions? A person may have been raised having been taught certain beliefs by his or her parents, and the person might choose to carry on those beliefs. Some may view religion as something more of a tradition than a lifestyle. For instance, this type of person attends a “service” or gathering, and then just goes back home violating the very beliefs he or she “proclaimed” to have had. It’s a VERY common thing.

Loyalty to one’s so-called belief system is not something very common, at least in the United States. It consists more of people who are religious by word of mouth ONLY. One of the biggest jokes is seeing someone who violates their own so-called belief system on a continuous basis trying to “convert” someone else to that so-called belief system.

If somebody worshiped the sun, for instance, but then proclaimed hatred towards the sun the upcoming minute, it’s a perfect example of the typical current-day “church-goer”. If a person told you he was an elephant, you would undoubtedly deem that person crazy. What sense does it make to claim you’re part of a certain belief system if your lifestyle does not back it up?

If you are not religious, don’t claim to be; otherwise you’re just misrepresenting a certain belief system as well as making yourself look like a hypocrite. It really takes no effort at all for somebody to not claim he or she is of a certain belief system of which the person is not.

Certain people may think that religion itself consists only of rituals, but what they don’t seem to understand is that it’s supposed to be a lifestyle. Perhaps the reason many “service-goers” can be seen is because they are trying to put up a moral front, and “disguise” for their true character. What actually doesn’t make any sense at all, is if a person is not religious, why the person would waste his or her own time on at least a weekly basis. It’d obviously be a lot easier for the person to instead do something far more congruent with his or her lifestyle. Lots of typical “church-goers” would probably deem it crazy and outrageous to do anything close to what the martyrs in their history did. If their personal possessions were taken from them, they would most likely curse their so-called “God”.

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