How Absence Can Help You Get Your Ex Back – You Can’t Notice Change If You Are Too Close

How Absence Can Help You Get Your Ex Back – You Can’t Notice Change If You Are Too Close

Here is something to think about if you would like to get your ex back. How often do you see couples together that have lasted for years and years? I am talking about married couples who have been together for something like ten years, twenty years, and in some rare instances fifty years or more. What do you think the secret to their success is? Do you think it has something to do with the fact that they spend every waking moment of every waking day together?

I will assure you it’s not. I am telling you this because you can use this principle to help you get your ex back. The time spent away can help you grow closer to them by helping you realize that you can’t live without the person. Sometimes it will take a little bit of distance to help you to realize this for yourself. But when you do you’ll see what I am talking about.

Why letting your ex be is a good thing

I once heard someone tell me a quote that I felt was very true, I believe there is a lot of power behind this quote, and it is one that if more people lived by they would probably still be together. The quote is this “You’ll never see grass grow by staring at it” I know it is a weird statement, but it packs a punch. When you are apart from your former spouse you can make necessary adjustments to make your self a better person, but these adjustments should always be made because you want to change them and not just to help you get your ex back.

Also know that your ex may be thinking about you just as hard as you are thinking about them. When the two of you were together it may have seemed hard to notice how the relationship was maturing and growing. Once you spend sometime apart you may notice just how much it has matured if you should decide to get back together. You ex may be taking a well needed breather from you, and this doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Think of it as Mother Nature, she has four seasons, some of those seasons are more enjoyable then the other. But when the good seasons come around it makes you appreciate them just a little bit more because they were gone away for a while. A bond has been developed that will not be easy to break. Winning back your ex needs to be based on this principle.

You ex spouse can represent the summer and the spring, but understand that there will be a fall where it seems like everything is falling apart and blowing in the wind, and there will be a winter where things seem cold, icy, and blanketed with uncertainty. This is just the nature of relationships.

So instead of focusing on getting your ex back why don’t you focus on just giving them their space so that they can appreciate the season that is you. Granted it won’t always be this smooth, relationships end with good reason sometimes. It is very possible for you to get your ex back if you are dedicated and willing to learn a few techniques founded in love. If it is a simple change that needed to be made, then let your ex spouse have a little time away from you so they can appreciate when spring and summer comes around again.

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