HomePlug 85Mbps adapter

HomePlug 85Mbps adapter

There’s always been a problem in our house where sharing the Internet around it is concerned: the room where most of the network devices (PCs, printer, server, etc.) are located, doesn’t have a phone socket for ADSL.

Up until now, we’ve used a wireless Ethernet bridge to link the "computer room" to the router, but I’ve never really been happy with that solution as the bridge would sometimes just drop the connection for no apparent reason. HomePlug (sending the network traffic over the power lines in the house) has looked like an interesting alternative for some time, but only recently has it come down enough in price for me to consider it.

I received a pair of HomePlug 85Mbps adapters (Maplin ones) for my birthday recently, and have now installed them – one in the computer room, the other next to the router. They worked perfectly first time once I’d set the network passwords, and now I think we’ll only be using the WiFi for the laptop and my Nokia N95!

Posted by tawalker on 2007-12-12 19:03:29

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