Hippocrates Said “Thy Food Shall Be Thy Medicine”

Hippocrates Said “Thy Food Shall Be Thy Medicine”

Hippocrates, as you might know, was a physician in ancient Greece.  He lived on an island off the coast of modern Turkey called Kos, and is considered the father of Western medicine.  Have you heard of the Hippocratic Oath that all doctors take?  That is this guy!  The reason Hippocrates is so renound 2500 years later is because he was the first to physician (maybe the first person ever) to believe that illness has natural causes; as opposed to being a punishment from the gods.  This thinking was revolutionary at the time and started a shift in the treatment of disease.

One of Hippocrates famous quotes is “Thy Food Shall Be Thy Medicine.”  He believed that since illness had natural causes, it must also have natural cures.  And he was right!  If you look at the source of most modern medicines, the root of the compound is natural – the cure occurred naturally, gets discovered, and is then recreated and concentrated in a lab.

While you are right, the focus of this blog is quitting smoking, we are also interested in this topic for general health and wellness.  Quit Tea is a perfect example of a natural remedy for the ailments of nicotine withdrawal and recovery from the damages done to the body by smoking.  But natural remedies go way beyond quitting smoking.

Herbs are concentrated foods that contain all the vital nutrients:  Vitamins, minerals, and  many medicinal properties.  Herbs are the foods that shall be thy medicine.  They are the natural solution for anyone looking to get the health benefits gently, without taking prescriptions medication that can cause anguishing side effects.  All you have to know is where to look up the herbs for your ailment.  There is a wonderful book that was just revised call the “Prescription For Natural Healing.”  It is a large book, slightly expensive, but will save you so much money and trouble in the long run.  I consult this book for myself and friends for almost any disorder imaginable:  And it works!

In Hippocrates time herbs were the only medicine.  Way before today’s ability to break down an herb to determine the chemical compounds found naturally occurring in each herb, physicians have known how each herb heals.  Most herbs that you see on today’s health food store shelf are way old news.  For thousands of years people have been selling the herbs for that exact same purposes as today.

Cup Of Herbal Tea

One extremely effective way to get the benefits of these herbs is through herbal teas. Pouring boiling water over the herbs will release the nutrients of the herb and make it easier for your body to absorb.  Some times the herb itself can bother your intestines.  But making it into a herbal tea will help you get the wonderful benefits without the trouble.  Also, there is something to be said for the normal digestive process of tasting the foods you are putting into your stomach for digestion, as opposed to taking the herb in capsule form.

In later postings I will cover specific herbs for healing, but for now just remember to look to your natural cures first.

Matthew Bucklin is the creator of the popular herbal stop smoking aid Quit Tea and President of Quit Tea LLC.  As an expert in smoking cessation and health, he has helped hundreds of people finally quit smoking and return to health. Bucklin worked as a health care analyst at a hedge fund in New York for years, learning about pharmaceuticals and seeing the need for healthy and effective alternatives. He believes that drugs are the last option and that good health comes from a lifestyle change and sometimes a little help from natural remedies.

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