Having Happy Pets in an Urban Area

Having Happy Pets in an Urban Area

Sometimes it is extremely tough to have a pet when you live in an urban area. There is not a lot of grass or yard space for you to walk a dog in, which limits the type of animals you can have. Sometimes you will see people with their little Dachshund or Yorkshire terrier dressed in small dog clothes. They have all sorts of dog accessories and start to look more like little people. Unfortunately these may be some of the only acceptable pets in an urban area because they are so small and easy to take care of. And for other people, they may have too busy of lives to have children, so the pet is the closest thing to having a baby.

In an urban area, many people rent an apartment. Depending on what type of apartment building it is, you may not be able to have any type of pet. Sometimes certain tenants will allow for small pets to live in their buildings. It is very rare to find a rental apartment where you can have a full sized pet. That is why many people turn to cats. Cats do not shed a lot of their hair, which means that many people will let them live in apartment buildings. With little shedding, it does not cause too much of a problem for those who may be allergic to cat fur. It is unfortunate for many because a lot of times people will have to give away their pets before moving into their apartments.

There are some pets that are allowed in apartments because they are very low maintenance. Birds are a great example. There is no need for a bird to leave its cage, so a tenant does not need to worry about the mess that it will leave. Not many people are allergic to birds, so it is a pet that doesn’t put other residents in risk. Usually a very small pet, like a guinea pig or hamster, would be allowed. They will keep their mess self contained in a cage. The problem with many pets is that they will leave permanent damage to a building, making it harder to find a resident later on.

It is a shame that you cannot have pets in any building. There are many animals in need of a loving home. If you think about the amount of people that live in cities, that is a large number of people who cannot own a pet. Having an animal in the house can be very soothing to many people. Most pets love unconditionally and will be waiting at the door when you come home. This gives many people a reason to relax and be happy when they come home from work. One can hope that many of these animals find homes because it would be a tragedy to see them live their whole lives in a shelter. Maybe some people will see the need for pet owners and take it upon themselves to help.

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