Have New Ideas Of Urban Forest Construction

Have New Ideas Of Urban Forest Construction
China’s about more than 50,000 city (town), about 43% of the population live in cities. Strengthen the urban forest construction, improved ecological conditions of urban development has become an urgent requirement and the people’s strong desire. At a recent forum for the second expert forum on urban forest, some experts and scholars on the urban forest building new concepts and new ideas.

 Three transformations

 Chinese Academy of chief scientist, said Peng Zhenhua, Chinese urban forest construction should adhere to the forest belt of?? Water network of the concept as a guide, the following three changes: from the main focus on visual function of both the visual and ecological changes in the concept of from the construction area to focus on improving green space to improve land use efficiency and the transition from focus on the internal built-up areas to establish urban and rural greening and beautifying one’s urban forest ecosystem changes.

 Peng Zhenhua said a long time, people only care about green building urban green coverage rate of green land per capita green land rate, a small number of indicators such as forest cover, the core of construction land area is green. But now, Chinese urban population density, building density, can not come up with more land carry out his afforestation. Fundamental way to solve these problems: First, full ecological function tree. We must emphasize urban greening trees, the forest as the main body, they can not ignore the role of individual trees. Second, cut the trees less dry and more pruning to make full use of urban land space. Third is to use fast-growing species rapidly occupy space, urban forest effects as soon as possible. Fourth, the formation of rational urban forest structure. 5 is to increase the proportion of green climbers.

 Urbanization process in suburban areas as land use change frequently in the special zones, eco-sensitivity high, while joint of urban and rural environmental pollution is very prominent, and require special attention. Should the district and the joint of the land for suburban development in the forest, wetlands, mainly water, combined with forest ecological buffer zone isolation, making the city forest belt of?? Water network of the main frame, can make up for insufficient green city , and can effectively isolate the surrounding built urban and agricultural land to form a protective buffer zone pollution.

 Construction near natural forests

 “Close to Nature Forest” construction is a new concept of vegetation restoration, natural growth is mainly the late application of the “simulated natural” approach by building in the species composition and community structure with regional top-level community close to the artificial forest.

 East China Normal University, microarthropods, said construction of urban greening and forests need a low-cost, natural high, late low or near zero in maintenance management and protection of the building model. Especially in suburban areas, and vegetation should be manually create the perfect combination of natural growth, the construction of the city “near natural forests.”

 Currently, some cities and forest development in the green, there are a large number of introduced exotic species, and tree transplanting, into pieces to create a pure phenomenon, not only the high cost, need a lot of manpower and material resources to maintain.

 Microarthropods that the high survival rate close to natural forests, beautiful tree; structural integrity, high biomass; resistance to pests and diseases and natural disasters, strong, relatively stable communities, without long-term labor management. He stressed that the construction of nearly natural forest tree species selection must be optimized, seedling cultivation, planting patterns and post-planting management.

 Urban Forestry to be focused

 Forestry Research Institute of China Academy of Urban Forestry Research Dr. Wang Cheng said that urban forestry should be included in the overall urban development planning, the construction scope, for the entire municipal area; the service targets, highlighting the two main cities and people; in thinking on development, have characteristics of the core concept; in building content, development of eco-forestry, forest characteristics, cultural forestry; the specific measures, supporting the implementation of key projects.

 Wang said the construction of urban forestry should be focused, can be summarized as “three-zone Salim three networks and three green”, ie: City in a three-zone?? Mountain, plain, urban, ecological integration interval; Mountain Sports Salim? ? water conservation and soil conservation forests, scenic and recreational forest, industrial raw materials and economic fruit forest, forest biological diversity; plain weave three networks?? River Network, Road Network, agroforestry, food network fruit Mao Feng; City Building 3 Green?? Green Island mosaic, the Green Corridor is connected, green belt around the green harmony of Human Settlement.

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