Guangxi Liuzhou Urban Construction Investment 100 Billion Yuan Off Peak – Guangxi, Investment, Urban

Guangxi Liuzhou Urban Construction Investment 100 Billion Yuan Off Peak – Guangxi, Investment, Urban
This year is the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” last year, construction of major projects for the full support of the investment growth stimulating effect, Liuzhou will focus on annual 100 billion yuan in fixed assets investment objectives, continue to increase efforts, have launched a new upsurge of urban construction.

Compared with last year’s investment objectives Liuzhou increment reached 32 billion yuan, in the region of 14 prefecture-level cities ranked first; target increase of 46.66 percent, ranking the region third. According to preliminary statistics, 1 in February this year, total fixed asset investment in Liuzhou completed 6.13 billion yuan, up 55.3%; of which focus on promoting the implementation of the municipal level, the completion of major projects investment 2.895 billion yuan, accounting for the city’s total fixed investment 48.25% of the steady growth of the city’s fixed asset investment has played a major supporting role. In the first quarter, fixed asset investment is expected to be completed in Liuzhou 13.0 billion, up 23%.

Reporter from the city, held yesterday afternoon, investment and construction of major projects to promote the meeting that this year will continue efforts to promote a major Liuzhou Construction Efforts to raise the level of urban development and carrying capacity:

City import and export of roads, the Bluff to the preliminary design of Sa Po Road Improvement Project has been approved, Liu Yong has completed the expansion of the southern section of construction design, Remembrance Road, renovation and expansion is speeding up the implementation, Liu East Boulevard extension cable ( luorong to Luzhai above) road construction projects completed during the year and complete the three bridges 50% of the workload.

Urban road network projects, Guang Ya Bridge, Man Wai Bridge Reconstruction, Central Riverside Avenue, and other water projects are planned to push on; this program started 36 new projects, White Dew Area Road Network Project, Ma Plant Road, 8 transformation of the way Guangya intersection for the first half of the project started, most of the projects is expected to start the second half.

Other transport projects, Liuzhou to Nanning Highway Extension, highway Luzhai to Yangshuo, Sanjiang to Liuzhou expressway has been fully launched, Liu Chao-rail, Liuzhou Airport expansion projects for the first half of the project started.

Urban environmental governance is being implemented with sun and sewage treatment works, sewage treatment works at Fort pull the other county sewage treatment project has also started construction formed investment.

Bright urban landscape projects, Longtan Park upgrade project for transforming the first half started, customs in Hong Kong, Sands Point, kiln-port town and other items formed the second quarter is expected to invest in heavy volume, red deer mountain rocks Leisure Park in September this year to preserve its completed and put into operation by mid.

Area Land Development and Reconstruction of the Village project, the program started 16 new projects, continued construction of a static blue, white sand, water, Reconstruction of the Village and South Railway Station around the old city reconstruction project, the implementation of these projects help to improve the city’s image, improve urban quality.

Protection and resettlement of residents of housing projects in housing, planning new construction of 10 projects. Social enterprise project into full swing, plans 25 new start.

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